The science behind reviews and its impact on consumers and companies

The science behind reviews and its impact on consumers and companies

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They’ll be no more having to Google every individual company, and scowering the internet for hours to try and figure out who you should be buying from. Instead, you have access to all the reviews under one roof.

We have thousands of companies from across Finland and the world

Not only are you going to be saving time, but you’ll also have a much higher chance of buying from someone who can do a good job.

The studies

Reviews aren’t just cool though. There’s actually a strong scientific reason for them.

In this article, we’ll be really delving into the science of reviews. And the impact that it has on both you and the companies you buy from.

We don’t want you to just be using us because we’re telling you to, we want you to use us because we’re going to help you, and because we want to give you the best experience possible. We are driven by customer services and making people happy, and this will of course mean listening to the science.

We want to protect

Human beings are biologically wired to want to protect each other. This goes way back to the days when we used to live in caves.

If one member of the tribe died, that would be one less person to help with the hunting. One less person to be able to make new people. And for this reason, we like to do what we can to try and protect others.

Of course, in those times, the enemies were sabre tooth tigers, but today, it’s companies who you will just waste your money on. Even though times have changed our brains and our desire to protect has not.

We want to thrive

As well as trying to protect others from all of the bad stuff, we also like to do what we can to tell them about the good stuff.

Again, this goes back to the days when we were cavemen. Whenever we found a wounded animal who was easy to hunt, or a tree filled with fresh fruit, it would make sense that we would want to tell the others about it, so that the whole tribe would be able to get everything that they needed. #

In those days, the “good stuff” was a limping mammoth. But today, it’s a company who will give you great products or services.

We like groups

Another thing about people is that we’re pack animals. We are designed to hunt as pack, live as a pack, and survive as a pack.

Being part of a group allows us to feel more secure.

By writing reviews, we’re becoming part of a kind of online community. By being around others (even if it’s just through a screen), we’re more likely to be happier about what we’re doing and also feel safer in our actions.