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Tyson Smith: Here are 3 ways COVID can be a catalyst for more effective K-12 education

School closures caused by COVID-19 have presented a variety of challenges for teachers and families, but they have also sped up the arrival of a technology-enriched “future of education.”

This year’s near-universal adoption of technology for teaching will impact education in a positive way. For instance, learning will become more competency-based (tailored learning to meet different abilities), and education will mirror the modern workplace by encouraging virtual collaboration.

All of this will mean that educators’ roles shift from lecturer to more mentor and facilitator—a transition that has been underway for years but has accelerated this year.

Here are three ways

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Five ways Joe Biden can “de-DeVos” U.S. education

Teachers and other education advocates are feeling giddy at the possibility of moving forward a progressive agenda that the current education secretary, Betsy DeVos, stopped dead in its tracks four years ago. President-elect Joe Biden campaign’s policy director, Stef Feldman, told the Education Writers Association that as president, Biden would “get some big, bold education legislation passed and certainly immediate relief for our schools and our educators,” and said Biden would take executive actions as well. Many of those executive actions, education advocates hope, will de-DeVos the Department of Education.

Here are some of the likeliest ways public education will

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