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Students ‘should stay on campus over Christmas holidays’, SAGE scientists warn

uni students - Jeff J Mitchell /Getty Images Europe
uni students – Jeff J Mitchell /Getty Images Europe

University students should stay on campus over the Christmas holiday, Government scientists have advised, due to concerns that they could spread coronavirus in their local community when they return home. 

Experts in the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) have warned that risks of larger outbreaks “spilling over from [higher education] institutions” are more likely to take place towards the end of the academic term in December, according to SAGE meeting minutes seen by the i newspaper. 

“This could pose a risk to both local communities and families, and will require

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Johnson urges parents to send children back to school as unions warn plan to reopen classrooms ‘negligent in the extreme’

POOL/AFP via Getty Images
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Boris Johnson has appealed to parents to send their children to schools when they reopen next week as a major union warned more teachers are needed in preparation.

The National Education Union (NEU) also accused ministers of being “negligent in the extreme”, saying schools had been left in the dark on how to deal with a coronavirus outbreak.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has warned the exams crisis that has engulfed the government for a fortnight has put the planned reopening of schools “at risk”.

But the prime minister thanked school staff who he said had

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Early success of COVID-19 vaccine candidates fuels optimism, but experts warn ‘a lot has to go right’

Propelled by encouraging results from early experiments, the clock has ticked forward one hour since June in USA TODAY’s countdown to a vaccine against COVID-19. For July, the hands sit at 5 a.m., our panel of experts estimates.

Midnight is the starting point of the pandemic in the USA, and noon is the time a vaccine will be widely available to Americans, so this race is far from over. 

“These first steps simply mean that we haven’t fallen at the first hurdle,” said Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of immunization education with the Immunization Action Coalition. “That doesn’t change the

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Exam cancellations will hit poor and BAME children hardest, experts warn MPs

Poor children, boys, summer born pupils and those from ethnic minority backgrounds could all be disadvantaged by exams being scrapped, education experts warned today.

Teenagers will be given GCSE and A-Level grades based on teacher assessment this year because exams have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers have also been asked to rank their students in each subject.

Speaking to the education committee of MPs today, Lee Elliot Major, professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter called for a review of how fair the results are to students.

Teachers will be asked to rank students by

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