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Vouchers undermine education for all kids | Columns

The Republican supermajority in the Indiana General Assembly is attempting to quietly gut public education and hope no one notices.

This work started a decade ago when the legislature drank the Kool-Aid of the American Legislative Exchange Council. This group and others like it loves to toss around termssuch as “school choice,” “educational competition” and “stimulation of excellence,” but these are actually code words that obfuscate the outright looting of state dollars that support the education of schoolchildren.

The absurdity of the ALEC proposition is that parents in Indiana and many other states have always had choice in schooling. The

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Vouchers for free internet to be given to poorest families amid fears disadvantaged children falling behind

Thousands of families without broadband internet are to be given vouchers for six months’ free wifi access in scheme run jointly by the Department for Education and BT.

Nick Gibb, the schools standards minister, said the move was designed to ensure the education of the poorest children in England did not suffer because of coronavirus. Some 10,000 families could benefit from the vouchers, according to BT.

Tuesday’s announcement followed a report that millions of pupils have done very little schoolwork during lockdown. The UCL Institute of Education found one in five children had spent less than an hour a day

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