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Pelosi blasts GOP leaders for putting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Education Committee [Video]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday blasted Republican leadership for giving Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., a seat on the Education Committee despite the freshman congresswoman’s apparent belief in baseless conspiracy theories about the Newtown, Conn., and Parkland, Fla., school shootings.

“What I’m concerned about is the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives who were willing to overlook, ignore those statements,” Pelosi said during her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill when asked about Greene’s rhetoric.

“Assigning her to the Education Committee when she has mocked the killing of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, when she has

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Democrats slam Marjorie Taylor Greene over past Facebook comments, video with Parkland survivor

WASHINGTON – Democrats denounced Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and at least one lawmaker called for her resignation, after past remarks surfaced appearing to show the Georgia Republican endorsing the execution of prominent Democrats and a video where she heckled a teen who survived a mass shooting.

The outcry came after CNN published an in-depth look at Greene’s Facebook before she ran for office, finding she “liked” a comment in January 2019 that said Pelosi should be taken out with a “bullet to the head.” In a video around that time, Greene said Pelosi was “a traitor to our country, she’s

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Former Ed Secretary Arne Duncan [Video]

Betsy DeVos resigned her post as Education Secretary last week following the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 with just days left in the position, saying President Trump’s rhetoric was an “inflection point.” But former Education Secretary Arne Duncan says DeVos’s actions were far from heroic and that her willingness to work with President Trump reveals much about her character.

“When you work with somebody like Trump, that reveals everything about who you are and your character and your values. Cruelty to kids, cruelty to families is often the point. And what she did consistently was to choose

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The coronavirus closed schools. Our diseased politics is keeping them closed. [Video]

WASHINGTON — The other day, I listened to my daughter’s first lesson of the day, which is conducted over a video feed, like every lesson of her day has been since last March. She sat in our dining room, at a relatively clean table where only a few remnants remained of the previous night’s dinner: a stray strand of spaghetti, a dusting of grated parmesan.

As a former public high school teacher in Brooklyn, I wanted to see if remote learning had improved since last spring, when it was widely considered to be a disaster. Back then it was just

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Education Secretary Betsy Devos calls student debt forgiveness ‘a truly insidious notion’ and free college ‘a socialist takeover’ [Video]

Outgoing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos presented a spirited defense of her record after four years and skewered proposals from progressive politicians related to student debt cancellation and free college at the virtual 2020 Federal Student Aid (FSA) Training Conference on Tuesday.

“After nearly four years on the job, I want to take a few moments to reflect on the remarkable transformations that we led at FSA in recent years,” DeVos said at the beginning of the keynote speech, “and then discuss what still needs to be done for students.”

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