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Higher education minister ‘hopes’ public universities will be fair to students over postponed intakes

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 — Higher Education Minister Datuk Noraini Ahmad expressed “hope” today for public universities to be compassionate when dealing with students affected by her ministry’s recommendation to suspend ongoing intakes.

Yesterday, the Higher Education Ministry “advised” all public universities to suspend physical intakes and registrations on the same day that these began.

Today, Noraini suggested that the responsibility for the suspension was with the higher learning institutions (IPT), saying this was in line with the policy to grant them management “autonomy”.

“I take note of the grouses and complaints from the students as well as their families

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Why top US universities have law schools but not police schools

<span class="caption">Police school lecture series, 1935.</span> <span class="attribution"><span class="source">Courtesy of Berkley, Ca. Police Department – Historical Unit</span></span>
Police school lecture series, 1935. Courtesy of Berkley, Ca. Police Department – Historical Unit

In response to protests calling for police reform and accountability, some U.S. police departments are partnering with colleges and universities to develop anti-bias training for their employees.

In Washington D.C., for example, officers are taking a critical race theory class at the University of the District of Columbia Community College. The idea of providing liberal arts education to officers to improve police-community relations and productivity is not new.

As early as 1967, a federal commission charged with finding solutions to rising crime and police brutality recommended

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Google Joins Assault on Bloated Universities

We are all deeply mired in the semi-permanent changes to life, work, and schooling from the global pandemic.

While “remote economy” software stocks continue to zoom higher, I’ve also been interested in how overpriced higher education would get disrupted by alternative online models.

In April, I had the privilege of attending some exclusive webinars with John Sculley, former CEO of Apple in the 1980s.

I wrote about his ideas in a July post for my TAZR Trader members…

Disruption Coming to a U Near You

I think we should be looking in unexpected new areas like Education, which is

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