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Oregon Education Department sponsors teacher event with controversial 1619 Project founder

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is sponsoring a teacher-designated event where the author of the controversial “1619 Project” will speak.

Scheduled for Friday night, the event is co-sponsored by the ODE and Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators.


According to the Portland Association of Teachers, it will focus “on how the inclusion of 1619 historical events into our educational system will further Oregon’s efforts at breaking down systems of oppression.”

Titled “An Evening with Nikole Hannah Jones,” it’s framed as a way to help teachers “center our work

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Teacher Certification — What’s Wrong with Our Education Schools?

A teacher, wearing a protecive face mask, teaches to schoolchildren in France. April 2, 2021. (Stephane Mahe/Reuters)

The way we train teachers (most of them, anyway), has long been a problem. Writers including Rita Kramer, Thomas Sowell, and Heather Mac Donald have argued that what students learn in the education-school courses they must take to become certified is a waste of time, or worse. “Progressive” educational fads prevail. Knowledge is sneered at. Mac Donald entitled one of her essays “Anything But Knowledge.”

Another ed school critic is Professor Lucien Ellington of the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga and in today’s

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Biden names former public school teacher Miguel Cardona for secretary of education

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How the Nazis co-opted Christmas

In 1921, in a Munich beer hall, newly appointed Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler gave a Christmas speech to an excited crowd. According to undercover police observers, 4,000 supporters cheered when Hitler condemned “the cowardly Jews for breaking the world-liberator on the cross” and swore “not to rest until the Jews…lay shattered on the ground.” Later, the crowd sang holiday carols and nationalist hymns around a Christmas tree. Working-class attendees received charitable gifts. For Germans in the 1920s and 1930s, this combination of familiar holiday observance, nationalist propaganda and anti-Semitism was hardly unusual.

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NC teacher dumped special-ed students in trash can, lawsuit says

Robin Johnson had a favorite technique for disciplining some of her special-education students: According to a new federal lawsuit, she would drop the first- and second-graders into a trash can or recycling bin, then forcibly keep them there when they struggled to escape.

The Statesville teacher singled out one boy in particular, Gage Andrews, based on the complaint filed by the child’s mother:

“If he acted ‘like trash,’” Johnson would say, she “would treat him like trash.”

The verbal and physical abuse of Gage and other special-needs students under Johnson’s care at Cloverleaf Elementary School lasted for at least two

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Education Matters: Why Catherine Cooper is teacher of the year

FRESNO, California (KSEE) – Teachers have faced many challenges this year. with distance learning, they’ve had to learn a new way to teach.

This years’ Fresno County teacher of the year embraced technology to bring music to her students. Catherine Cooper says she is a performer and she brings that love of performing to her position as district elementary music teacher for the Sanger Unified School District. Before the pandemic, she would visit three different school sites.

“I would have started my day outside my door playing recorder as my students came dancing into the room,” said Cooper. “It would

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