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Utah rejects bill that aimed to teach consent in sex education classes

<span>Photograph: George Frey/AFP/Getty Images</span>

Photograph: George Frey/AFP/Getty Images

Despite chronic struggles with sexual violence in Utah, lawmakers in the state have rejected legislation that would have changed the state’s health education curriculum to teach consent and prevent unwanted sexual behavior.

The legislation, called HB177, was defeated by Utah’s house education committee by a vote of 7-4.

The bill’s defeat was part of a larger conservative pushback across America. Some politicians argue, wrongly, that consent instruction teaches students it is OK to have sex, said Jennifer Driver, senior director of reproductive rights at the State Innovation Exchange.

But “that is not what consent means,” Driver

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Trump Threatens To Yank Funding From Schools That Teach 1619 Project

President Donald Trump has launched another assault against education intended to address racism in America.

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted that the Department of Education was investigating whether California public schools had implemented the New York Times’ 1619 Project into their curriculum. The Pulitzer Prize-winning initiative aims to reframe American history around the year slaves landed on its shores and by “placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

“Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” Trump wrote, sharing a Sept. 1

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How to teach sustainable habits to kids

How to teach sustainable habits to kids
How to teach sustainable habits to kids

In a world of Greta Thunbergs, the ever-looming threat of climate change, and its already disastrous toll, what can you do to ensure your kids understand the state of the world, without overwhelming them, and help them become part of the solution?

The good news is, many young people are already alert to the climate rumblings around them. “They’re more aware today of these broader, complex socio-scientific issues than I think even our generation was when we were younger,” says Carol O’Donnell, the director of the Smithsonian Science Education Center in Washington, D.C.

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Why It Is Possible and Okay for Parents to Teach Their Own Kids

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High school-educated, working-class parents aren’t capable of overseeing their own child’s education, a state lawmaker said last week.

New Hampshire state Sen. Jeanne Dietsch, D-Peterborough, made the comment at a committee hearing last Tuesday while promoting a bill that would stop the state Board of Education from creating a new way of allocating high school graduation credits.

“This idea of parental choice, that’s great if the parent is well-educated. There are some families that’s perfect for. But to make it available to everyone? No. I think you’re asking for a huge amount of

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What an Activist Can Teach an Education Behemoth

(Bloomberg Opinion) — When new chief executive officers take over, they often face a stark choice: Praise their predecessors and continue in the same vein, or throw them under the bus and pursue a new tack.

Even if they’d prefer to start afresh, they usually at least make a show of adopting their forerunner’s strategy. In the case of Pearson Plc, the activist investor Cevian Capital AB might have given the successor to outgoing CEO John Fallon cover to do away with the theatrics and forge their own vision for the education company.

Cevian announced on Thursday that it has

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