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Property, sales tax hike sought for Nevada education | VICTOR JOECKS

Those in Nevada’s education establishment want to raise your property taxes — by a lot. Then they want you to pay more in sales tax.

No thanks.

The Nevada Commission on School Funding recently released a report calling for a 36.7 percent to 55 percent increase in per-pupil spending. By 2031, the annual inflation-adjusted cost of those increases is projected to be between $2.17 billion and $3.24 billion.

That conclusion wasn’t a surprise. Democrats created the commission two years ago and stacked it with members of the education bureaucracy, including school district employees. Its task was to determine “an optimal

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County education leaders back Gardner’s proposed budget | Budget And Tax

Leaders from the county’s education community, along with public school teachers, voiced support for County Executive Jan Gardner’s (D) proposed fiscal 2022 budget during a public hearing Tuesday.

Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent Terry Alban and Board of Education President Jay Mason were among those who called in to the hearing. Alban said $7 million of the proposed budget would be used to help students recover from emotional, social and educational challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The overall proposed operating budget, which council members still have to act on, is about $717.2 million. Of that, about $365 million—51 percent—is

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Evers Calls for More Education Spending, $1 Billion Tax Hike | Wisconsin News

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers called on the Republican-controlled Legislature Tuesday to bolster funding for K-12 and higher education and reform the state’s criminal justice systems, while delivering a state budget with $1 billion in tax increases and liberal policy priorities that GOP leaders promised to quickly kill.

Evers pitched his $91 billion two-year state budget to the Legislature as a “Badger Bounceback” agenda as the coronavirus pandemic enters its second year.

“I believe we can pass a budget with bipartisan support,” Evers said in the pre-recorded speech that played as lawmakers watched

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Money Matters: College education tax benefits

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day. We’re gonna have a number of them over the next week and hope everybody’s safe. This week’s topic is college education tax benefits. As we all know, a college degree is expensive. The average cost of in state school degree is $88,000 a degree from a private university costs around $200,000. Obtaining a college education could be important for some individuals. Having a degree may offer more financially secure future and the ability to follow one’s dreams. The cost could definitely be worth it. Now the federal government recognizes that students … Read more

Education Of A Tax Court Judge

In a recent interview Judge Albert Lauber of the United States Tax Court told me that he is a textualist. And you may find what in his education influences his textualism surprising. It was the study of classical languages, particularly Greek. So every time a CPA looks at a Code Section and says

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