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Children should be taught to be ‘proud’ of the country’s past, Education Secretary says

Children should be taught to be “proud” of the country’s past, the Education Secretary has said. He added that the curriculum should also be “reflective” of Britain’s multicultural society.

Gavin Williamson said he is “incredibly interested” in looking at the school history curriculum and making sure it appeals to pupils from ethnic minorities.

“It is really important that the history taught in schools looks at the rich diversity and tapestry that has made our nation so great, and the important role that people from all backgrounds have played in our history,” he told The Telegraph. “We have always got to

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Parents of kids taught by fired gay teacher applaud Supreme Court ruling

Lonny Guenther was home with his daughter, Joann, last week when the news came on the TV that the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ people can’t be fired based on their sexual orientation.

Joann, who is 27 and has severe disabilities, immediately lit up — because she recognized one of the faces on TV as her former teacher, Brett Bigham.

Bigham, the 2014 Oregon Teacher of the Year, was fired in 2015 from Multnomah Education Service District in Portland after accusing the school district of harassing him because he is gay. He was part of last week’s landmark decision, which

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