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Pandemic brings new challenges to education system on reservations


The COVID-19 pandemic has made providing a quality, culturally relevant education to the children on South Dakota’s nine Native American reservations more difficult than ever.

Even as schools have provided students with new learning tools and better internet access, the widespread move to remote teaching and learning has educators worried that the longer the pandemic continues, the

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Staffing surge in W.Va.’s public education system? | Journal-news

Kieffer, Amanda

West Virginia is a hotbed for education reform debates. Public school teachers and service personnel have received salary increases twice in as many years. The taxpayers of the Mountain State have been very generous; however, tax dollars could be saved if the public education system’s hiring practices were brought in proportion to student enrollment.

Our team at the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy recently released a new research paper entitled “The Mountain State’s K-12 Staffing Trends: Is there a staffing surge in West Virginia’s public education system?” This research examines the hiring practices of West Virginia’s K-12 public education

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Raising the bar on Nevada’s higher education system

Kevin Melcher
Published 3:26 p.m. PT Oct. 5, 2020

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This opinion column was submitted by Kevin Melcher, candidate for the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, District 10. His campaign website is melcher4regent2020.com.

The Nevada System of Higher Education is extremely valuable to Nevada and we are witnessing just how important higher education is while dealing with the current COVID-19 situation. The dedication of faculty, staff and administration in advancing our colleges and universities during these changing times is impressive. 

It is critical we have experienced

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Pressure grows on Gavin Williamson to U-turn on grading system, as government urged to consider GCSE results delay

AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

Ministers are being urged to consider postponing the publication of GCSE results this week as Gavin Williamson faces pressure to abandon the heavily-criticised A-level grading system.

It comes as discontent grows in Tory ranks at the exam regulator, with the chair of the Education Select Committee hitting out at the “unacceptable” decision to drop guidance for appeals – just hours after it was published at the weekend.

The fiasco over A-levels could escalate further on Thursday as millions of teenagers receive their GCSE grades. There are fears a similar algorithm that resulted in students being downgraded

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Ontario premier says new measures to help fix ‘broken’ education system

By Moira Warburton

TORONTO (Reuters) – Ontario is taking steps to make its “broken” education system more equitable for Black and indigenous students in Canada’s most populous province, Premier Doug Ford said on Thursday.

New measures include phasing out the so-called practice of streaming, when 9th grade students must choose whether they want to take university-track “academic” courses or hands-on “applied” courses in high school.

A 2017 report from York University in Toronto found streaming disproportionately channeled Black students into applied or vocational courses, while their white counterparts took academic courses.

Applied courses are seen as less academically challenging. The

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