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Scotland’s education system weakest in UK, according to new report

Scotland’s education system is the weakest performing in the UK, according to a detailed prosperity index published to be published today (Thursday).

The report, which was conducted by the Legatum Institute’s Centre for UK Prosperity and is based upon latest available data, will be used to track the UK Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda.

It found that Scotland is currently the worst region in the UK in terms of education performance, with particularly poor outcomes at primary and secondary level.

According to the index, the proportion of primary students in Scotland achieving the expected standard of literacy when leaving school is

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Challenges in Indian education system due to Covid-19 pandemic

a group of people sitting at a table: Challenges in Indian education system due to Covid-19 pandemic

Challenges in Indian education system due to Covid-19 pandemic

Let us begin with a fact: The plan to return students to physical classrooms has suffered a major setback in the last few weeks, with the country witnessing a second wave of Covid-19 cases that is worse than the peak in 2020. Another set of lockdowns seems imminent, with no telling when the situation will be back under control.

That said, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Eventually, the government and educational institutions do want to facilitate a return to offline pedagogy. The current delay gives them more

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Carl M. Ladd: Why upend a thriving education system? | Op-eds

NEW HAMPSHIRE is once again in the thick of a legislative session actively considering education voucher bills and school choice.

This time, however, a coordinated effort involving a handful of bills, along with other moves being made by the Department of Education and the State Board of Education, have the potential to irreparably harm our entire public education system. Supporters of these bills want to privatize public education in New Hampshire, pass a hefty bill onto taxpayers, exacerbate inequity, and effectively leave students and families on their own to identify and secure the educational programs, services and support they need.

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National career ed spotlight shines bright on local career school system

ExploreWhat 100 job offers for 28 recent Butler County high school graduates tells us about the economy

Butler Tech has drawn wide attention in recent years for a series of first-time experiments tried among Ohio’s 88-county career school systems.

These include include its “5th Day Experience” begun last school year in which students can use Friday’s to either continue their studies or visit companies in industries they are interested in or to work at jobs in the private sector.

Jon Graft, superintendent of Butler Tech, told the viewers any “stigma” still connected to career education being a low-skill option

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Steve McQueen Exposes the Poverty Embedded in the British School System

In Education, the fifth and final of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe films, we’re given a young hero named Kingsley Smith (Kenyah Sandy), whose mother Agnes (Sharlene Whyte) is a nurse, whose father Edmond (Daniel Francis) is a carpenter, and whose sister Stephanie (Tamara Lawrence) is 18 and can read. This last point is not as arbitrary as it may seem. One the feats of McQueen’s movie is that, by the end, the ability to read — proof of having been educated — is all the more powerful for seeming exceptional. It’s something promised of the London education system. Yet

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