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Solon Schools Plan For Fall Reopening

SOLON, OH — The Solon Schools are preparing for classes to resume in the fall, even as the new coronavirus continues to muddy the future of in-person education.

The district said it is planning for a variety of contingencies, including having all students in a school building in the fall, continuing remote learning or a hybrid model that combines in-person learning with remote education.

“The district is developing plans for each of these options. It is still too early to know with any certainty which plan will be launched in August and whether we will need to implement more than

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Solon Schools Lose $1.3 Million In State Funding

SOLON, OH — Over the next seven weeks, the Solon Schools will lose 38 percent of their state funding, which equates to $1.3 million. The budget cut comes as the new coronavirus constricts revenue for local and state governments.

“This is an immediate reduction that is taking place and needs to be paid to the state over the next few weeks,” said Tim Pickana, the district’s treasurer, during Monday’s virtual board of education meeting. “This is significant to us.”

Pickana submitted the district’s five-year forecast to the Ohio Department of Education this week. The forecast includes this sudden budget cut

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