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Michigan slams Biden administration decision on standardized tests

A number of states had asked the Biden Education Department to do the same thing, saying it would be difficult to impossible to administer the exams when millions of students still are not in classrooms. But more than a week before Miguel Cardona was confirmed March 1 by the Senate as education secretary, the department issued its decision on testing.

The department said it would talk with each state about their testing programs and said there was room for more flexibility, but it did not say what that could be. Some states have decided to postpone the tests until fall.

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Education Secretary DeVos slams teachers unions for ‘playing politics with children’s lives’

Teachers unions are failing American students amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Secretary of Education argued Thursday.

As more states are forcing students to go to virtual at-home learning to stop the spread of COVID-19, many children are suffering because of it, from worsening grades to poor mental health.

“The answer, of course, is get the kids back in school in person and it’s something the president has been calling for, for months, as have I and others,” Betsy

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Netanyahu slams ‘false, trumped up’ charges against him during first session of landmark corruption trial

Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Israel’s judicial system as he appeared in court on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, accusing prosecutors and the police of trying to “depose” him.

The embattled prime minister, who is the country’s first leader to stand trial while in office, had been ordered to attend the much-anticipated session at the Jerusalem District Court on Sunday.

The landmark trial has bitterly divided the country and locked Mr Netanyahu, and those who back him, in a battle with the judiciary.

Police deployed additional personnel in the expectation of rival demonstrations. Hundreds of supporters gathered

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