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Education ties show the real state of US-China relations

John D. Van Fleet is chair of the education committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

It has been a dramatic 10 days since China’s top foreign policy official Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi confronted U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan in Alaska.

Blinken’s robust opening gambit and Yang’s now-famous 17-minute spirited response became the accelerant for a social media explosion in China.

The next day, New York-based SupChina website reported that the sentence “the United States has no business lecturing China as if it were superior” is now “one

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Controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Booted from House Committees in Extraordinary Show of Disapproval

Erin Scott-Pool/Getty Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

In an incredibly unusual show of disapproval of one of its members, the House of Representatives on Thursday voted to strip freshman Georgia lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene of all her committee assignments in the wake of escalating controversy of her past support of conspiracy theories, violent rhetoric and other behavior.

The House voted 230 to 199 to remove Greene, 46, from the Education and Budget committees.

“I have never encountered a situation like the one before us now, where a member has made such vile and hurtful statements, engaged in the harassment of colleagues

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12 charts show how racial disparities persist across wealth, health, education and beyond

Black people have long suffered from persistent inequality in the United States due to centuries of racism, discrimination and the long-lasting effects of slavery. This has created conditions that make it difficult for Black Americans to get ahead. 

Systemic racism — at times called structural racism or institutional racism — is “the complex interaction of culture, policy and institutions that holds in place the outcomes we see in our lives,” says Glenn Harris, president of Race Forward. Systemic racism leads to disparities in many “success indicators,” he says, including wealth, health, criminal justice, employment, housing, political representation and education. 


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