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Fayette gets ruling that school board chair’s national post is no conflict, but not from AG

An education law attorney formerly in the Kentucky Attorney General’s office determined Monday there is no conflict of interest with Fayette County Public Schools board chairman Tyler Murphy serving on the National Education Association board.

As a result, the school board is no longer seeking an opinion from the current Attorney General.

At board member Stephanie Spires’ urging, the school board on Thursday had asked school district General Counsel Shelley Chatfield to seek a Kentucky Attorney General’s opinion on whether Murphy had a conflict. Members wanted an answer as soon as possible. Spires was concerned that Murphy’s role on the

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Brown v. Board of Education ruling: What to know

Among the landmark decisions from the Supreme Court, Brown v. Board of Education ranks among the most influential of all time, as it resoundingly declared that “separate… facilities are inherently unequal.”

The unanimous decision was issued on May 17, 1954, and it initiated the process of integration in schools across the country — slow and stuttered as it has been.


The decision overturned a policy that had been in place since the end of the 19th century. It was not the definitive end to segregation policies, but Brown v.

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Parents of kids taught by fired gay teacher applaud Supreme Court ruling

Lonny Guenther was home with his daughter, Joann, last week when the news came on the TV that the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ people can’t be fired based on their sexual orientation.

Joann, who is 27 and has severe disabilities, immediately lit up — because she recognized one of the faces on TV as her former teacher, Brett Bigham.

Bigham, the 2014 Oregon Teacher of the Year, was fired in 2015 from Multnomah Education Service District in Portland after accusing the school district of harassing him because he is gay. He was part of last week’s landmark decision, which

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