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Betsy DeVos’ Legacy: Transforming How The Education Department Treats Civil Rights

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has spent months failing to make meaningful progress on urgent complaints of education discrimination relating to COVID-19, even as the pandemic continues to turn schools upside down and put vulnerable students at an even further disadvantage, according to multiple sources.  

In September, employees in at least some of the department’s regional offices were informed that civil rights complaints specific to COVID-19 ― such as for children who have not been receiving accommodations for their disability during remote learning ― would require scrutiny from the highest levels of management, a development that

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Report finds ‘significant lack of equity’ in K-12 education, Michigan Civil Rights Commission says

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission released a 62-page report Wednesday, Sept. 30, describing inequities in Michigan’s K-12 education system. The report also detailed recommendations for policy makers and educators to implement to make achieving educational equity a priority in all Michigan schools.

The adoption of the report passed unanimously at a Wednesday Michigan Civil Rights Commission meeting.

Stacie Clayton, Chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, said the report revealed a “significant lack of equity” in Michigan’s K-12 education system.

“This Commission believes that an adequate education is the key to unlocking a lifetime of opportunities and also is a

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Beverly Asked Special Education Parents To Waive Rights: Watchdog

BEVERLY, MA — Beverly and at least 10 other MA school districts violated state and federal law this spring by asking parents of special education students to absolve the school district of certain responsibilities, according to a new report from a special education watchdog group.

State regulators have already found Beverly noncompliant in the accusations raised in SPEDWatch’s report. Other Massachusetts school districts are still being investigated for using the coronavirus shutdown of schools as a reason to circumvent requirements to provide key special education services.

Beverly Superintendent Suzanne Charochak said the district submitted a corrective plan to address the

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