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Tammy Bruce: An entire generation is being conned out of a real education

 An entire generation is being conned out of a real education, and “unscrupulous” and “greedy” teachers’ unions are to blame, Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce said Tuesday.

 “The Ingraham Angle” guest host began her monologue by highlighting the ongoing struggles that accompany remote learning, a method she claimed is being promoted by teachers unions “hell-bent on using the pandemic to their advantage.”

Bruce’s comments come after teachers’ unions across America called for a halt to in-person learning last week as coronavirus cases continue to climb. 

Although some state governments have relaxed health restrictions, allowing schools to reopen their doors with

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With ‘I Promise,’ EP Maverick Carter Spotlights Urban Public School Creating “The Real Change This Country So Desperately Needs”

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With the Quibi short-form series I Promise, executive producer Maverick Carter aimed to spotlight the impact of education in the lives of at-risk youth, as well as the incredible achievements of educators at one particular urban public school.

Directed by Marc Levin, the series takes an in-depth look at the first academic year of Akron, Ohio’s I Promise School, examining the stories and struggles of both students and teachers within this institution.

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Founded by Akron native LeBron James in 2018, the I Promise School was created to provide a

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Give police a real education before putting them on the streets

I come from a family with deep roots in law enforcement. My father and I attended the police academy 22 years apart, and combined we served 45 years on the New York Police Department.

Though we served during different decades, our training was essentially indistinguishable. Even today, that training largely remains the same, despite the vast changes in society.

In recent days, activists and politicians have called for changes in how our police departments are funded and managed, but just as essential is throwing out the book on police training and replacing it with a robust system of modern education.

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