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Higher education’s racial reckoning reaches far beyond slavery

It now seems, however, that university leaders are a bit too eager to concede higher education’s ties to U.S. slavery, arguably the most explicit form of white supremacy. Pointing to a long-ago slave past has become almost reassuring because it allows schools to acknowledge their historical wrongdoings while celebrating how far they have come. But higher education’s racial reckoning goes far beyond slavery.

Our nation’s system of higher education expanded in the 19th century through the acquisition of lands belonging to Indigenous people, and many institutions continued to protect their wealth through the racial segregation of their neighborhoods. At the

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Professor who used racial slur in class is put on leave

A university professor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been placed on paid leave after a video widely shared on social media showed him using a racial slur in class and appearing to give students permission to use the slur “because we’re using it in a pedagogical sense.”

“Effective yesterday, Friday, September 11, that faculty member in the video, education professor Gary Shank, is on paid leave, pending investigation,” Duquesne University said in a statement, adding that another professor is taking over the course.

The video posted on Twitter on Friday afternoon shows Shank teaching an online course.

“What’s the

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Former adviser to Boris Johnson will head Government’s racial disparity commission

Boris Johnson said the cross-Government commission 'will examine inequality in the UK, across the whole population' - Shutterstock
Boris Johnson said the cross-Government commission ‘will examine inequality in the UK, across the whole population’ – Shutterstock

The Government has appointed an education charity boss to lead its new racial disparity commission and hold “a national conversation about race”.

Dr Tony Sewell CBE was confirmed by the Government as the chairman of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities on Thursday.

Dr Sewell, the current head of education charity Generating Genius, previously worked with Boris Johnson in 2013 when he led the then London Mayor’s education inquiry into the capital’s schools, resulting in the creation of the London Schools

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We Must Invest in Teachers to Prevent COVID-19 from Exacerbating the Racial Educational Divide

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged education as we know it. Every state in the country shut down schools as our nation battled an invisible new threat. Educators, parents, and children were forced to navigate new technologies and practices for remote learning on-the-fly with only days to prepare. As some states and regions see improved metrics indicating suppression of the coronavirus, others confront alarming new outbreaks, and a vaccine won’t be widely available until January of 2021 at the earliest.

Given this uncertainty as we prepare for the return of school in the fall, it’s clear that more federal support for education

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The ‘jaw-dropping’ education Brett Brown is receiving on racial injustice

Brett Brown was eager on Wednesday to speak about the subject of racial injustice.

It’s a topic that has dominated recent conversations with his team, he said. 

“My last two Zoom calls with my team have had about 1 percent of basketball and 99 percent of all of the racial injustice circumstances we’re all living and breathing now,” Brown said in a video call with reporters. “That’s on my mind.”

According to Brown, the killing of 46-year-old Black man George Floyd on May 25 by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin jolted the NBA’s head coaches into action. 

“On May (25),

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