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Older women at greater risk of dementia due poor access to education, study suggests

Older women could be at greater risk of dementia due to their lack of access to education, a new study suggests.

Inequalities in access to education in the early 20th century in the UK may have been partially responsible for increasing the risk, researchers said.

Experts at University College said that as education access improved over the century, the differences in cognitive ageing between men and women reduced.

They added the findings, published in the journal Lancet Public Health, shine a light on “the importance of equitable access to education” when it comes to public health.

Previous studies have found

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It’s wrong to blame only mayors for high crime, poor education

The claim: Poor education and high crime is caused by Democratic mayors

After months of protests against racial injustice in the United States, President Donald Trump deployed federal agents to Portland, Oregon, and announced plans to do the same in multiple other cities, citing a lack of law and order. 

The president has consistently called for law and order, centering his reelection campaign around the stance and saying Democratic cities have been weak in their response to crime. 

In May and June, during Black Lives Matter protests, Jacob Frey, the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, was one of the first to

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Exam cancellations will hit poor and BAME children hardest, experts warn MPs

Poor children, boys, summer born pupils and those from ethnic minority backgrounds could all be disadvantaged by exams being scrapped, education experts warned today.

Teenagers will be given GCSE and A-Level grades based on teacher assessment this year because exams have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers have also been asked to rank their students in each subject.

Speaking to the education committee of MPs today, Lee Elliot Major, professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter called for a review of how fair the results are to students.

Teachers will be asked to rank students by

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