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What are ‘learning pods’? Parents seek options as pandemic complicates school year

Pandemic pods. Microschools. Quaranteams.

These are just a few of the terms used to describe the latest effort by American families to navigate their children’s education this fall as the coronavirus pandemic complicates the school year.

The concept involves kids at or around the same education level gathering in person in small groups led or supervised by volunteer parents, hired teachers or nannies. Ideas on education bubbles sprouted when many school districts announced they will return virtually without reopening campuses.

The ultimate goal? To ensure children receive their education with the socialization necessary for proper development and learning while maintaining

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How homeschooling ‘pods’ might just make education inequality worse

Parents can’t keep watching their stuck-at-home children forever, but they also don’t want to send them back to school in a pandemic.

That impossible dilemma has led many parents to start forming homeschooling pods and even hire private teachers to come to their homes. But that’s only an option for families that can afford it and, if it becomes a widespread and legitimate option this fall, it may only make education inequality even worse, Forbes reports.

These learning pods have popped up as options both in areas that won’t reopen schools right away and in those that will. After all,

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