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Canceling Gen Ed 1076 Signals Harvard’s Dwindling Education Dedication | Opinion

Harvard loves Harvard — that much seems sure (and, hey, sometimes we do too!). But does Harvard love education more broadly? There is mounting reason not to be so certain.

Since its 2011 inception, the course General Education 1076: “Equity and Excellence in K-12 American Schools” has been elevated to the status of a beloved and transformative “must-take” amongst students at the College. The course, taught by lecturer Katherine K. Merseth, has managed to attract students across concentrations and backgrounds with its commitment to dismantling students’ traditionally “myopic view” of the educational system. Yet on Jan. 14, after almost a

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Opinion | The Wreckage Betsy DeVos Leaves Behind

The departing education secretary, Betsy DeVos, will be remembered as perhaps the most disastrous leader in the Education Department’s history. Her lack of vision has been apparent in a variety of contexts, but never more so than this fall when she told districts that were seeking guidance on how to operate during the coronavirus pandemic that it was not her responsibility to track school district infection rates or keep track of school reopening plans. This telling remark implies a vision of the Education Department as a mere bystander in a crisis that disrupted the lives of more than 50 million

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