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This School Just Enrolled 61% Women In Its MBA Program

Only 35% of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math students in higher education globally are women, according to recent data from the UNESCO Institute for Science, and that has a direct impact on the workforce. Even though women constitute about 50% of the total labor market, as of 2018 there were only 28% of women in STEM fields.

STEM has long been a man’s world, but many business schools are trying to change that. The latest to make headway is a public school in the southern United States, Georgia State University Robinson College of Business, which reports that women are flocking

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For The ‘Free MBA’ Quantic, A Stratospheric Summer

The application picture is just beginning to come into focus at the top business schools in the United States. After much doubt and consternation over a spring and summer of coronavirus that followed a plunge in apps across the leading schools, we are seeing the first real evidence of what extended application deadlines, higher acceptance rates, bigger incentive packages, and more have wrought at the leading MBA programs. And the evidence should please those with a stake in the success of brick-and-mortar graduate business education: At the few schools that have released program data so far, we see waves of

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