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Idaho Senate passes early childhood learning grant


Idaho’s state flag hangs in the Statehouse rotunda Friday, Jan. 29, 2021 in Boise.


A sharply divided Senate approved a federal early education grant — sending the idea back to an equally split House of Representatives.

Monday’s 18-17 Senate vote reflected the Statehouse split on the early education proposal, which would allow the State Board of Education and the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children to collaborate on a three-year, $6 million-per-year grant rollout.

Supporters again said the grant would allow local communities to come up with their own plans to better prepare kids for

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Minnesota’s new education commissioner says safe, in-person learning remains top goal

Heather Mueller’s first assignment as Minnesota’s top education official will be a big one: steering the state’s more than 500 public districts and charter schools through the end of this pandemic school year.

But it’s a role Mueller, currently the state’s deputy education commissioner, already knows well. Mueller has been the department’s point person on the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning. She’s met regularly with other state leaders and navigated a sea of competing pressures from parents, business leaders, teachers unions, politicians and others with strong opinions about whether school buildings should be open in the pandemic.

Now, the longtime

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18 Key Updates on Schools, Students and the Fine Print on Who Is (and Isn’t) Learning in Person Right Now

This is our weekly briefing on how the pandemic is shaping schools and education policy vetted, as always, by AEI Visiting Fellow John Bailey. Click here to see the full archive. Get this weekly roundup, as well as rolling daily updates, delivered straight to your inbox — sign up for The 74 Newsletter.

COVID Experiences Survey — Who Is (and Isn’t) Learning in Person Right Now?: From the CDC

  • Survey of parents with children aged 5-12 years, conducted Oct. 8-Nov. 13

  • 45.7 percent reported that their children received virtual instruction only, 30.9 percent in-person only, and 23.4 percent

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COVID-19 forced schools to get rid of learning barriers


Technology has facilitated remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Education equity has been the subject of much discussion and debate in our communities, often resulting in limited transformative changes. Clearly, however, we know that we live in a society with significant levels of disparity in the education system.

While COVID-19 has had a significant negative impact on many communities and individuals in many ways, it has afforded us the opportunity to see what can be done when we are forced to change. When schools shut down across the country in March and April, many barriers that exist suddenly

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Florida Education Commissioner extends distance learning into spring

There are still questions about whether or not districts will get funding for students who chose remote learning.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Florida’s Education Commissioner announced Wednesday students can continue to learn remotely next semester, decision districts and the Florida Education Association pushed.

“There’s the flexibility and stability for the districts, our communities are safe, the entire education community from student to parent to teacher, and we get the best possible learning choice to parents,” Commissioner Richard Corcoran said. 

“I’m glad he’s looking at doing a new order to continue the flexibility that our districts need to serve all of our

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