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Vouchers undermine education for all kids | Columns

The Republican supermajority in the Indiana General Assembly is attempting to quietly gut public education and hope no one notices.

This work started a decade ago when the legislature drank the Kool-Aid of the American Legislative Exchange Council. This group and others like it loves to toss around termssuch as “school choice,” “educational competition” and “stimulation of excellence,” but these are actually code words that obfuscate the outright looting of state dollars that support the education of schoolchildren.

The absurdity of the ALEC proposition is that parents in Indiana and many other states have always had choice in schooling. The

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12,000 NYC Kids Bumped From In-Person Education Over Missing Virus Testing Forms

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The Kenyan Maasai Who Once Hunted Lions Are Now Their Saviors

Maasai warrior Kamunu Saitoti had been hunting for the better part of a day when at last he came across lion tracks in the dusty soil. It was 2007 in the Maasai-owned territory of Eselenkei in southern Kenya, the light was growing dim, and Kamunu’s two younger fellow warriors said perhaps they should turn back for their village because it is dangerous to be near lions at night. But Kamunu was eager to find the lion that had eaten his father’s cow.A severe drought gripped the

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Indian Girl From New Jersey Provides Quality Education For Free to Underprivileged Kids in Bihar

Indian school girls using laptop on field
Indian school girls using laptop on field

Age is no marker for learning, or even when it comes to imparting education. A true proponent of this philosophy is 16-year-old Arushi Aggarwal hailing from Haryana, who provides free and quality education to underprivileged children in the remote parts of Bihar. 

Arushi is a Class 11 student at New Jersey’s West Windsor Plainsboro High School. Previously, her education was in Bengaluru.

A young and enterprising student, Arushi has always been passionate about using her skills to help others. Although she has a keen interest in all her subjects, Arushi has a soft

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‘Where Are the Kids?’ School Is Back in Session, but Many Kindergarteners Are Missing

Connecticut School District Prepares Classrooms For Hybrid Learning
Connecticut School District Prepares Classrooms For Hybrid Learning

Desks sit socially distanced in a kindergarten classroom ahead of the fall semester at Rogers International School on Sept. 3, in Stamford, Conn. Credit – John Moore—Getty Images

It didn’t take more than one day of virtual kindergarten for Ryan Greenberg’s 5-year-old daughter, Samantha, to break down in tears, begging to go back to regular school where she could see other kids face-to-face.

“I’ll wear two masks,” she told him.

But for Samantha, in Montclair, N.J., and for hundreds of thousands of other children across the country, school will continue to be

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Why your kids will probably learn from home this fall

WASHINGTON — Speaking to members of Congress on Thursday, former federal Education Secretary Arne Duncan put the matter bluntly. “We have chosen to open bars,” Duncan said, “rather than to be able to start school on time.”

It was a bracing reminder of the priorities that elected leaders at all levels of government have chosen to accentuate throughout the last six months of the pandemic. And the reminder was especially bitter because in many places around the country, businesses like bars and restaurants have been forced to close again, or at least to stall their reopening efforts, because the mythical

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