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Report finds ‘significant lack of equity’ in K-12 education, Michigan Civil Rights Commission says

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission released a 62-page report Wednesday, Sept. 30, describing inequities in Michigan’s K-12 education system. The report also detailed recommendations for policy makers and educators to implement to make achieving educational equity a priority in all Michigan schools.

The adoption of the report passed unanimously at a Wednesday Michigan Civil Rights Commission meeting.

Stacie Clayton, Chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, said the report revealed a “significant lack of equity” in Michigan’s K-12 education system.

“This Commission believes that an adequate education is the key to unlocking a lifetime of opportunities and also is a

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UC Davis wins $190,000 grant to help K-12 teachers educate on Chinese American history

A University of California, Davis history workshop won a six-figure grant to improve K-12 education on California’s Chinese American history.

The $190,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant, which was won last week, went to a program called “Building Community in California: The Chinese American Experience” which will educate 72 teachers in K-12 public schools nationwide on California’s Chinese American history and help them design curriculum for their students.

The workshop will be run by UC Davis’ The History Project, which trains K-12 teachers in the Sacramento area. It will be led by Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, UC Davis Asian American

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