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Tyson Smith: Here are 3 ways COVID can be a catalyst for more effective K-12 education

School closures caused by COVID-19 have presented a variety of challenges for teachers and families, but they have also sped up the arrival of a technology-enriched “future of education.”

This year’s near-universal adoption of technology for teaching will impact education in a positive way. For instance, learning will become more competency-based (tailored learning to meet different abilities), and education will mirror the modern workplace by encouraging virtual collaboration.

All of this will mean that educators’ roles shift from lecturer to more mentor and facilitator—a transition that has been underway for years but has accelerated this year.

Here are three ways

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Texas must maintain higher education and K-12 funding to tap billions in federal aid for public schools

Updated at 5:23 p.m. with a statement from the Texas Education Agency.

Texas must keep funding steady for both K-12 public schools and state institutions of higher education to tap billions in federal pandemic aid, new Department of Education guidance clarified Monday.

The state’s top budget writers were hesitant to spend about $18 billion in the federal money as they waited weeks for answers on what was required. The department’s clarification noted that the state must maintain funding levels or seek a waiver.

State leaders have not yet indicated how they will respond. Texas Education Agency officials said they were

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Arizona and Florida Point the Way to Better K-12 Education

Public education may have reached a crossroads. We really wanted it to work, but millions of women exited the workforce to educate their children during the coronavirus pandemic and many may not come back. The census recently announced a surge in homeschooling (as opposed to distance learning) from 5.4 percent last spring to 11.1 percent in the fall. Polls indicate many more are considering following suit. Avoiding a messy breakup with public schooling will require lawmakers to embrace pluralism in parents’ preferences. The existing system has proven excessively rigid for families and teachers alike. One size fit few, but a

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Proposal to give Legislature final say on state K-12 education policies dies in Senate | Education

The full West Virginia Senate, by the time the regular legislative session ended Saturday night, never took action on a proposed constitutional amendment that would have let lawmakers amend and reject state Board of Education policies.

Among other things, the state school board’s policies set what students must learn, how they can be disciplined, what specifically is required to become a teacher, and how charter schools are regulated.

Had the full Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 1, the proposed state constitutional amendment would have been put on the ballot in an upcoming election. If approved by voters, the Legislature would

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