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India’s NEP Proposes Higher Education Provisions

The recently announced National Education Policy 2020 (“NEP”) has created a positive buzz for the Higher Education sector in India, at a global level. It is a forward-looking policy which is rightly focused on promoting India as a global study destination – one which provides premium education at affordable rates.

While advocating so, the NEP has proposed several pragmatic measures, such as a single regulator for Higher Education (except law and medicine), light but tight regulation, autonomy to institutes, credit based learning, innovative course structures, change in the format of programs with flexibility of

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Tech Mahindra Inks Education Deal to Develop India’s Blockchain Talent

Tech Mahindra, the IT subsidiary of Mahindra Group, is to work with local edutech firm Idealabs to develop blockchain talent within India.

The two firms will begin offering curated professional certification courses on blockchain, including live online classes and sessions with experts from the industry in the effort to boost the skills of both tech professionals and students.

The firms, which inked an agreement for the initiative on Monday, will also assist eligible candidates seeking employment opportunities, as reported by Telegana Today. The firms aim to provide hands-on experience and real-world implementation of distributed ledger technology, as well as to

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