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‘The Amateur Hour’ Review: Hire Teachers for Higher Education

As the pandemic has forced most colleges and universities to adopt remote instruction, it’s worth remembering that more than 50 years ago some schools voluntarily experimented with remote instruction via televised classes. That did not go well either. Students did not feel the same connection to their instructors and that, in turn, made a difference in what was learned. “It’s better to have a poor instructor in the classroom,” said one unhappy professor in 1967, “than to have a good one on TV.”

The vignette comes from

Jonathan Zimmerman’s

“The Amateur Hour: A History of College Teaching in America.” Mr.

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Amid school reopening uncertainty, affluent parents hire private tutors

Sara Elahi isn’t waiting to find out whether her children’s schools will reopen in the coming months.

After an extensive interview process of several candidates, she found a private educator who will be going to her home to professionally home-school her two children during the first semester.

“Education is the most important thing to our family,” she said. “My kids need to have in-person instruction to really learn and absorb material, and, by no fault of their own, I can’t rely on the school to provide that.”

Elahi, a consultant in the Baltimore area, said that although the costs were

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