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Property, sales tax hike sought for Nevada education | VICTOR JOECKS

Those in Nevada’s education establishment want to raise your property taxes — by a lot. Then they want you to pay more in sales tax.

No thanks.

The Nevada Commission on School Funding recently released a report calling for a 36.7 percent to 55 percent increase in per-pupil spending. By 2031, the annual inflation-adjusted cost of those increases is projected to be between $2.17 billion and $3.24 billion.

That conclusion wasn’t a surprise. Democrats created the commission two years ago and stacked it with members of the education bureaucracy, including school district employees. Its task was to determine “an optimal

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Evers Calls for More Education Spending, $1 Billion Tax Hike | Wisconsin News

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers called on the Republican-controlled Legislature Tuesday to bolster funding for K-12 and higher education and reform the state’s criminal justice systems, while delivering a state budget with $1 billion in tax increases and liberal policy priorities that GOP leaders promised to quickly kill.

Evers pitched his $91 billion two-year state budget to the Legislature as a “Badger Bounceback” agenda as the coronavirus pandemic enters its second year.

“I believe we can pass a budget with bipartisan support,” Evers said in the pre-recorded speech that played as lawmakers watched

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