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Proposed bill would require heat-related illness training for high school coaches

Sweltering practices under hot, hazy and humid conditions might be more than four months away, but they are very much on the minds of state legislators this session.

While athletic programs around the state have adapted to concussion protocols and coaches have gone through hours of training to better protect their athletes, another equally dangerous aspect of youth sports does not yet require the same training.

With that in mind, Connecticut lawmakers have proposed a bill requiring high school coaches go through heat-related illness training alongside their concussion education.

In fact, House Bill No. 5431, proposed by the Public Health

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It’s wrong to blame only mayors for high crime, poor education

The claim: Poor education and high crime is caused by Democratic mayors

After months of protests against racial injustice in the United States, President Donald Trump deployed federal agents to Portland, Oregon, and announced plans to do the same in multiple other cities, citing a lack of law and order. 

The president has consistently called for law and order, centering his reelection campaign around the stance and saying Democratic cities have been weak in their response to crime. 

In May and June, during Black Lives Matter protests, Jacob Frey, the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, was one of the first to

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School in Jamaica bans dreadlocks, high court agrees

The school and the Virgo family have been fighting this battle for the past two years.

This Friday, Jamaica’s high court said that Kensington Primary School was well within its rights to require a 5-year-old to cut off her dreadlocks before attending classes.

Kensington Primary told Sherine and Dale Virgo that their daughter would have to cut her hair for hygiene reasons.

The school, which is located just outside of Kingston, has rules that explicitly ban dreadlocks. The Ministry of Education also issued guidelines that state all hairstyles must be “neat.”

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Howard County high school students worry about what’s lost in online schooling

When Doniele Cooper, a rising senior at Wilde Lake High School, heard last week that Howard schools will start the new school year online, he was stunned.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?” he asked. “I can’t believe this.”

The Howard County Board of Education approved a plan on Thursday, July 16 to teach students solely via online instruction until at least Jan. 28, answering the much-anticipated question: Would students be headed back to the classroom anytime soon amid the coronavirus pandemic?

A minute later, Cooper began processing the news. Half, if not all, of his senior year of

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Howard High School Student Elected To Education Board

COLUMBIA, MD — Zach Koung, a Howard High School rising senior, was recently elected the 2020-2021 student member of the board of education. The Howard County Association of Student Councils (HCASC) held the election online earlier this month, since the originally scheduled April election date was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic-related school closure.

As the new student member of the board of education, Koung will be eligible to vote on all issues except those pertaining to budget, personnel or other restricted matters.

“My desire to help bring change in Howard County is what inspired me to run for SMOB,”

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