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Proposal to give Legislature final say on state K-12 education policies dies in Senate | Education

The full West Virginia Senate, by the time the regular legislative session ended Saturday night, never took action on a proposed constitutional amendment that would have let lawmakers amend and reject state Board of Education policies.

Among other things, the state school board’s policies set what students must learn, how they can be disciplined, what specifically is required to become a teacher, and how charter schools are regulated.

Had the full Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 1, the proposed state constitutional amendment would have been put on the ballot in an upcoming election. If approved by voters, the Legislature would

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Don’t force schools to give standardized tests this pandemic year, research scholars ask Education Secretary Cardona

The Education Department announced in February — before Cardona was confirmed by the Senate — that public school districts had to administer exams in math and English Language Arts required annually by the federal 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaced the 2002 No Child Left Behind law.

And as late as last week, Cardona said at an education forum that the department was planning to go ahead with its testing decision.

The high-stakes tests are given every spring as a central part of the two-decade-old school reform movement. Testing advocates say the exams provide vital data on how all

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Mass. Education Board Votes to Give Emergency Authority to Reopen Schools

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted Friday to approve emergency regulations granting the state education commissioner authority to determine when hybrid and remote models may no longer count towards required student learning time hours.

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The move effectively allows Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley to require in-person learning. The vote was 8-3 in favor of the motion after a more-than-two-hour meeting.


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Board members heard from health experts and Riley before they cast their votes Friday afternoon.

“The time has come to think about bringing our students back to

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Post-Covid, flexi-schooling could give our children the rounded education they really need

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” This, from W.B Yeats, seems more pertinent than ever at a time when the pandemic highlights the stark inequalities of our education system, causing us to question whether the current model is fit for purpose. For some, the pail is empty; for many, the fires have long been extinguished. The implications of this are severe.

The pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate how we live and work – and how we educate. Whilst the detrimental effect on children’s education during lockdown is clearly evident, there are

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Dee Jurius & Jason Bedrick: Education Freedom Accounts would give everyone a choice | Op-eds

SO HOW’S THIS school year working out for ya?

Since schools started shutting down last spring in response to the coronavirus, a lot of families have found themselves stuck in remote or hybrid instruction they didn’t choose and don’t want – even if a better option is available nearby.

New Hampshire’s education system doesn’t give families a lot of options – or power.

The state provides each student a certain amount of money for their education every year. However, the law forbids parents from deciding where to spend those education dollars.”

Though the purpose of the money is to educate

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