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How COVID-19 Threatens Girls’ Education And Their Future

For girls who have had their education disrupted, evidence shows that there will be a lifelong loss of earning.

For girls who have had their education disrupted, evidence shows that there will be a lifelong loss of earning.

Over 247 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools were affected by the school closure due to India’s COVID lockdown, according to a UNESCO report. While many schools have moved to online classes, this has not been a feasible solution for a large portion of the population who still live with limited access to devices and the internet. But of the children impacted, it has been girls who have borne the brunt of these changes far more than boys.

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Education Leaders Speak on Future of Global Schooling, Technology in HGSE Webinar | News

Civic and education leaders from around the world discussed the future of education in technology in a Harvard Graduate School of Education webinar Friday.

The event, the most recent installment in HGSE’s webinar series Education Now, was moderated by Thomas J. Kane, a professor of education and economics at HGSE, and featured Anant Agarwal, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT and founder of Harvard and MIT’s online education platform edX; Usha Goswami, a professor of cognitive developmental neuroscience and director of the Center for Neuroscience in Education at the University of Cambridge; and Angeline Murimirwa, the

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Edtech trends that are shaping the future of education

In my view, 2020 has been a year of seismic change for the future of education. It has contributed majorly to a shift from traditional classroom led education to hybrid learning and in some cases even full-service digital learning. The trend isn’t just in learning but also in the mindset of employers and companies and I expect this to continue to get stronger.

What it will also bring is new product interventions and new technology-led solutions that will solve newer challenges and more importantly lead to greater inclusivity in Higher Education. A vision that we chase passionately at Talentedge as

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Children Are the Future, and Both Have To Be Fought For

Children are the future, as Whitney Houston famously reminded us, and both have to be fought for, as Steve McQueen so powerfully expresses in “Education,” the fifth and final chapter of “Small Axe,” his anthology for Amazon Studios and the BBC.

In many ways, this is different than anything else in the director’s filmography — it’s the first time he’s had a pre-teen protagonist, for one — but its urgent sense of a community banding together to create opportunity and to dismantle institutionalized racism makes it very much of a piece with the four other films under the “Small Axe”

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Commentary: Education’s unprecedented present may forecast future problems

As we approach the end of a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented upheaval to education, and as schools lurch backward and forward and back again in varying stages of reopening their campuses, parents are understandably worried about the future.

They wonder about the long-term impact of all the disruption, and if their children will suffer lasting harm.

The answer: Yes. No. It depends.

Now that I’ve cleared that up for you, I will amend the above to state categorically that no one can predict with anything approaching precision how the long-range effects on students will manifest. Although

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