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Florida education commissioner wants schools to end mask mandate for next school year

Florida’s Education Commissioner sent a letter to school districts asking them to make face masks voluntary next school year.  

In the letter, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran wrote, “The data shows us that districts’ face covering policies do not impact the spread of the virus.” 

The letter goes on to say that masks are a personal decision in the classroom and that they serve no good remaining in

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Arizona and Florida Point the Way to Better K-12 Education

Public education may have reached a crossroads. We really wanted it to work, but millions of women exited the workforce to educate their children during the coronavirus pandemic and many may not come back. The census recently announced a surge in homeschooling (as opposed to distance learning) from 5.4 percent last spring to 11.1 percent in the fall. Polls indicate many more are considering following suit. Avoiding a messy breakup with public schooling will require lawmakers to embrace pluralism in parents’ preferences. The existing system has proven excessively rigid for families and teachers alike. One size fit few, but a

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Controversial education bills draw strong opposition in Florida

We’ve heard so much about the “cancel culture” lately, where one group is accused of trying to silence the opinions of others with whom they disagree. In the Florida Legislature, the claim has emerged that universities are the place where conservative viewpoints can’t get a fair shake. Some Republican lawmakers say they want to change that situation. Read on for the latest on that story and more Florida education news.

Is the “cancel culture” a real thing on campus? Some faculty members say it’s tough to present ideas outside the mainstream. Other say the notion that diversity of thought doesn’t

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The Tug-of-War Over Public Education in Florida

One of the promises Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis made to Floridians in his State of the State address this year explicitly pit his administration against local elected officials in every county of the state.

“We will not let anybody close your schools,” DeSantis said during the March 2 speech at the Florida Capitol.

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The “we” of the DeSantis administration includes his education commissioner, Richard Corcoran, who last fall ordered districts statewide to

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Florida Education Commissioner extends distance learning into spring

There are still questions about whether or not districts will get funding for students who chose remote learning.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Florida’s Education Commissioner announced Wednesday students can continue to learn remotely next semester, decision districts and the Florida Education Association pushed.

“There’s the flexibility and stability for the districts, our communities are safe, the entire education community from student to parent to teacher, and we get the best possible learning choice to parents,” Commissioner Richard Corcoran said. 

“I’m glad he’s looking at doing a new order to continue the flexibility that our districts need to serve all of our

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