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Students take up the cause to push for more financial education

As financial literacy advocates push for more personal finance education in schools, students are also joining the cause.

Only 21 states require personal finance coursework to graduate high school, with just a handful mandating a stand-alone class, according to the Council for Economic Education. Yet research shows that those who have some financial education typically have lower credit card balances, higher credit scores and take out smaller private loans for college.

“The economy has been fluctuating up and down,” said 15-year-old Zoe McCall. “We need to know these things.”

The high school sophomore lives in Maryland, one of the states

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Kansas ZIP code should not be destiny when it comes to financial education


Research that will be released later this month from Dr. Carly Urban at Montana State University finds that only one-third of students in Kansas attend a school where they are guaranteed to take a personal finance course.

Kansas ZIP codes 67056 and 67420 have it. But 67547 and 66106 don’t. Then there’s 66439, which is about to get it.

The state has more have nots than haves when it comes to guaranteeing personal finance education before a high school student crosses that graduation stage.

We shouldn’t let ZIP code be destiny when it comes to this critically important subject. Here

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Financial literacy needs to start early for students in the classroom

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(State of financial education: Many money problems Americans face could have been avoided if financial literacy was taught earlier in school. That knowledge helps create a foundation for students to build strong money habits early and avoid many mistakes that lead to a lifelong of money struggles. This story is part of a series looking at the current financial education landscape in this country.)

The lack of personal finance education in this country has proven to be devastating.

It has led to many people racking up credit card and student loan debt, living paycheck

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Citing Covid, Department Of Education Urges Colleges To Consider Financial Aid Appeals

The U.S. Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague Letter on Friday, January 29, 2021 to encourage college financial aid administrators to use professional judgment to approve financial aid appeals, especially when students or their parents lose their jobs or are otherwise affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Higher Education Act of 1965 provides college financial aid administrators with the authority to

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What Is a Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC)?

College student in a library
College student in a library

When families are wrestling with the challenge of paying the costs of higher education, a certified college financial consultant (CCFC) can help. CCFCs have gotten specialized training in education funding, including tax consequences, credits and student loans.  Most of the people who CCFCs are certified financial planners or chartered financial consultants. By virtue of their own education in financial planning, they are already well-qualified to deliver general financial advice. The CCFC training gives them more insight into the particular issues surrounding education finance.

CCFC Issuing Body and Requirements

The CCFC is issued by the American

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