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Nevada proposes cuts to education, hopes for federal relief

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have hit Nevada particularly hard, complicating budget planning in a state that levies no state income tax on residents and relies on tourism and hospitality industry revenue.

Gov. Steve Sisolak released a budget on Monday that includes no new taxes and $187 million less in state spending than it proposed before the start of the last two-year cycle in 2019. The budget proposes cuts to both K-12 and higher education and increases funding for health care as the pandemic surges and more laid-off workers enroll in Medicaid. It … Read more

DeVos suspends student federal loan payments through January

The Trump administration on Friday suspended all federal student loan payments through the end of January and kept interest rates at 0%, extending a moratorium that started early in the pandemic but was set to expire at the end of this month.

By extending payments by one month, the administration is effectively leaving it to the Biden administration or Congress to decide whether to provide longer-term relief to millions of student borrowers. The measure was included in a March relief package and the White House extended it in August, but its fate was in doubt amid stalemate over a new

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Federal judge refuses to block campus sexual assault rules

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday allowed the Education Department to move forward with new rules governing how schools and universities respond to complaints of sexual assault.

The rules, which take effect Friday, expand the rights of the accused, narrow the definition of sexual harassment and reduce the scope of cases that schools are required to investigate, among other changes.

In a suit challenging the rules, attorneys general from 17 states and the District of Columbia argued that the policy would block schools from investigating certain sexual abuse complaints and would discourage students from reporting assaults.

“As a

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Largest U.S. education union is ‘demanding that the federal government act’

As U.S. schools reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic the largest educators union in America is calling for Congress to approve critically-needed funding as soon as possible.

“What school district put in their budget, the funds for plexiglass?… [or] funds to have masks and change them on a regular basis?” asked Becky Pringle, the newly-elected president of the National Education Association (NEA). “No one did that.”

Pringle added that the NEA is “demanding that the federal government act, and act now — we are tired of waiting for [Mitch] McConnell to do his job, we’re tired of waiting for leadership from

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Trump threatens to cut federal aid if schools don’t reopen

President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to withhold federal funding if schools don’t reopen in the fall, and he lashed out at federal health officials over school reopening guidelines that he says are impractical and expensive.

Taking to Twitter to voice his frustration, Trump argued that countries including Germany, Denmark and Norway have reopened schools “with no problems.” The Republican president also repeated his claim that Democrats want to keep schools closed for political reasons and not because of any risks associated with the coronavirus.

“The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before

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