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How a Denver Politician Is Using Her Experience as a Latinx Woman to Battle Educational Inequity

At 10 years old, Angela Cobián wanted nothing more than to be a princess. But as the daughter of Mexican immigrants living in Colorado, Cobián’s parents had bigger plans for her. The treasurer of the Denver Board of Education and a member of Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) – a non-profit organization that develops civic leaders dedicated to ending the injustice of educational inequity – Cobián is well-versed in the issues that affect the Latinx community. Honored to serve in her home state, she’s determined to inspire the next generation and make political offices more representative of their constituents.


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We Must Invest in Teachers to Prevent COVID-19 from Exacerbating the Racial Educational Divide

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged education as we know it. Every state in the country shut down schools as our nation battled an invisible new threat. Educators, parents, and children were forced to navigate new technologies and practices for remote learning on-the-fly with only days to prepare. As some states and regions see improved metrics indicating suppression of the coronavirus, others confront alarming new outbreaks, and a vaccine won’t be widely available until January of 2021 at the earliest.

Given this uncertainty as we prepare for the return of school in the fall, it’s clear that more federal support for education

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How to support children with special educational needs as they return to school

Children and parents have struggled to adjust to homeschooling. Now, some have to cope with returning to schools which will seem very different to those they left at the beginning of lockdown. One group of children, though, are facing challenges beyond those experienced by the majority.

Children with special educational needs (SEN) make up around 15% of all pupils in mainstream education. Developmental dyslexia is the most common condition in this group, estimated to affect between 10%-16% of the UK population. Autism is much rarer, affecting about 1.1%.

Our research suggests that children with these conditions might find it especially

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The best educational apps for Android and iOS

Just like every other aspect of our lives, smartphones and tablets have made learning more accessible, convenient, and portable than ever. With hundreds of educational apps available, you can find an app for nearly any subject or grade level.

While some educational apps are designed to cover general topics or are used as study aids, others are created with specialized fields of study in mind. To help you find which ones suit your learning preferences, we’ve compiled our top picks for Android and iOS.

Looking to learn something new? Here’s where you’ll find the apps to make that happen.

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