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‘Heal America’ tour holds event in Chicago, focuses on education and humanity

CHICAGO — Organizers on the ‘Heal America’ tour held an event in Chicago Wednesday, hoping to focus on education while acknowledging that there is a problem with race relations and violence.

“There’s hope. You cannot allow vitriolic rhetoric to make you feel violated permanently. Very few people are permanent in our lives,” Bishop Omar Jahwar said. Jahwar is an urban specialist and founded the Heal America tour.

Organizers shared a message of hope, while speaking on topics such as education, race and humanity, topics they said are important to the Black community.

“We are going to be talking about Black

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Local Education Unions Claim Higher Numbers Of Coronavirus Cases In W.Va. Schools

A coalition of education union members from across the state claim that COVID-19 cases in West Virginia public schools are higher than what is being reported by the state Department of Education.

Members of the West Virginia United Caucus, which includes the state chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, the West Virginia Education Association, and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association, held a press conference Tuesday night over Zoom and Facebook Live to release numbers from their Covid Tracking.

The group claims that since schools opened Sept. 8, there have been at least 149 cases of the coronavirus

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Report finds ‘significant lack of equity’ in K-12 education, Michigan Civil Rights Commission says

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission released a 62-page report Wednesday, Sept. 30, describing inequities in Michigan’s K-12 education system. The report also detailed recommendations for policy makers and educators to implement to make achieving educational equity a priority in all Michigan schools.

The adoption of the report passed unanimously at a Wednesday Michigan Civil Rights Commission meeting.

Stacie Clayton, Chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, said the report revealed a “significant lack of equity” in Michigan’s K-12 education system.

“This Commission believes that an adequate education is the key to unlocking a lifetime of opportunities and also is a

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Cox, Peterson clash over education funding during Utah governor debate | Local Elections

Utah gubernatorial candidates Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson both pledged that they would oppose a food tax increase if the Utah State Legislature proposed one but clashed with one another on the subject of education funding during a debate Tuesday evening.

During the debate, which was hosted by the Utah Debate Commission, Cox — the Republican candidate — said he was opposed to a sales tax increase lawmakers passed in December that would have increased the state tax on food products from 1.75% to 4.85%. Lawmakers repealed the tax reform bill following widespread public opposition.

“I thought it

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Olathe Board of Education mulls gating criteria change

OLATHE, Kan. — The Olathe Board of Education is expected to choose on Thursday gating criteria it feels best fits the district, rather than continue to follow county guidelines.

“I think there is a lot of community pressure right now to bring students back 100 percent,” said Leigh Anne Rogers, president of Olathe National Education Association.

The district, which will hold a board meeting on Thursday, currently follows the Johnson County Department of Health’s guidelines. Under that criteria, schools are in the red zone, in which only elementary school students are able to return to the classroom. All others are

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