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Education Department reviewing campus sex assault rules

The Education Department on Tuesday moved forward with plans to revise federal rules around campus sexual assault, paving the way for an overhaul of a polarizing Trump-era policy that President Joe Biden has vowed to reverse.

In a letter to the nation’s colleges and schools, the department said it will formally begin the process to amend federal rules around Title IX, the federal law that forbids sexual discrimination in education. The department is planning a public hearing on the issue and afterward will issue official notice that the rules are under review.

Biden called for a broad review of sexual

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Virginia Education Department sued over guidelines to protect transgender students

The department’s adopted guidelines, which fill 26 pages, specifically mandate that schools allow students to access “restrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities” that conform to their gender identities. The guidelines also stipulate schools should let students participate in gender-specific programs or activities — such as physical education, overnight field trips and intramural sports — according to their gender identities.

One suit was filed Monday in Lynchburg Circuit Court by the Christian Action Network, a religious advocacy group that campaigned against establishing a mosque at Ground Zero of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as

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Education Department Extends Student Loan Relief | Education News

The Education Department announced Tuesday a new round of student loan relief for approximately 1 million borrowers, continuing a week-long chain of announcements aimed at relieving financial burden for borrowers who defaulted on student loans during the coronavirus pandemic.

“At a time when many student loan borrowers have faced economic uncertainty, we’re ensuring that relief already provided to borrowers of loans held by the Department is available to more borrowers who need the same help so they can focus on meeting their basic needs,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said in a statement. “Our goal is to enable these borrowers who

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Education Department to fully forgive federal loans of defrauded students

It will help borrowers who attended institutions that engaged in “misconduct.”

The Education Department announced this week it would fully forgive the federal loans of borrowers who enrolled in schools that “engaged in certain misconduct.”

Under the Trump administration, some students only were only given partial relief, the department said. The Education Department estimates the new formula could help approximately 72,000 borrowers receive $1 billion.

“Borrowers deserve a simplified and fair path to relief when they have been harmed by their institution’s

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Education Department Rescinds Trump-Era Formula Limiting Relief to Defrauded Student Loan Borrowers | Education News

The Education Department announced plans Thursday to rescind the formula established by the Trump administration that provided only partial debt relief to student loan borrowers who were defrauded by their schools.

A new plan to grant full relief to all borrower defense claims approved to date, including for those who already received less than a full loan discharge, is expected to extend roughly $1 billion in additional debt relief to 72,000 borrowers.

“Borrowers deserve a simplified and fair path to relief when they have been harmed by their institution’s misconduct,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said. “A close review of these

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