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President Trump says $5 Billion from TikTok, Oracle, Walmart deal will go toward education

President Donald Trump has signed off on a business proposal between TikTok, Walmart and Oracle that would allow the social networking app to continue to operate in the U.S.

One of Trump’s stipulations for approving the deal was a $5 billion commitment from the companies to create an education initiative that teaches children America’s “real history,” the President said. 

Trump first mentioned the education fund on Saturday as he left the White House for a campaign rally in North Carolina. “We’re going to be setting up a very large fund for the education of American youth,” Trump told reporters as

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Doubts surround ‘education fund’ connected to TikTok deal

President Trump has given his “blessing” to Oracle’s partnership with ByteDance to operate TikTok, but his claim that the companies would finance a $5-billion “patriotic” education fund has raised questions about the deal to allow the app to operate in the U.S.

The president said he had given “preliminary” approval for the deal that Oracle and ByteDance, the Chinese owner of the short-video app, proposed to alleviate concerns about protecting U.S. national security.

But in a new twist in the more than week-long negotiations between the companies and his administration, Trump said his team was talking to them about funding

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TikTok Owner Says It Wasn’t Aware Deal Included $5 Billion ‘Education Fund’

ByteDance's Beijing headquarters. (Photo: GREG BAKER via Getty Images)
ByteDance’s Beijing headquarters. (Photo: GREG BAKER via Getty Images)

ByteDance, the China-based company that owns video-sharing app TikTok, said it was not told that $5 billion of its deal with Walmart and Oracle would go to President Donald Trump’s so-called “patriotic education” initiative. 

Trump told a campaign rally Saturday that money from TikTok’s sale would fund his proposal to educate children about “the real history of our country ― the real history, not the fake history.”

Trump also gave his blessing to the sale of TikTok’s U.S. operation to Walmart and Oracle, corporations with major Trump campaign donors in senior

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Laureate Education Soars 9% On Walden University Deal

Shares of Laureate Education rose 9.2% on Friday after the education company announced entering a definitive agreement to sell its Walden University business unit to Adtalem Global Education Inc. for $1.48 billion in cash. The deal is anticipated to complete toward the end of 2021.

Laureate Education’s (LAUR) Walden University is a for-profit online education provider focusing on graduate, bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral certificate programs. According to the company, Walden University was a pioneer in distance education and is currently the leader in digital learning in higher education. The university offers over 80 educational degree programs and students

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Tech Mahindra Inks Education Deal to Develop India’s Blockchain Talent

Tech Mahindra, the IT subsidiary of Mahindra Group, is to work with local edutech firm Idealabs to develop blockchain talent within India.

The two firms will begin offering curated professional certification courses on blockchain, including live online classes and sessions with experts from the industry in the effort to boost the skills of both tech professionals and students.

The firms, which inked an agreement for the initiative on Monday, will also assist eligible candidates seeking employment opportunities, as reported by Telegana Today. The firms aim to provide hands-on experience and real-world implementation of distributed ledger technology, as well as to

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