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Government’s decision to ban parents from withdrawing children from ‘relationships education’ lessons faces judicial review

Primary school children having a lesson in Essex
Primary school children having a lesson in Essex

The Government’s decision to ban parents from withdrawing children from ‘relationships education’ lessons faces a judicial review, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

From September this year, primary school children will be required to to attend compulsory classes which explore topics including LGBT, the building blocks of consent and how to recognise abuse.

The Department for Education’s guidance says schools should engage with parents when it comes to delivering the curriculum, but emphasises that the ultimate decision on what is taught lies with teachers and parents have no “veto” on content.

Let Kids

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Vouchers for free internet to be given to poorest families amid fears disadvantaged children falling behind

Thousands of families without broadband internet are to be given vouchers for six months’ free wifi access in scheme run jointly by the Department for Education and BT.

Nick Gibb, the schools standards minister, said the move was designed to ensure the education of the poorest children in England did not suffer because of coronavirus. Some 10,000 families could benefit from the vouchers, according to BT.

Tuesday’s announcement followed a report that millions of pupils have done very little schoolwork during lockdown. The UCL Institute of Education found one in five children had spent less than an hour a day

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Guggenheim Donates Art Kits To Children Of Essential Workers

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — Thousands of New York City kids will receive art kits from the Guggenheim Museum to supplement their arts education while schools are closed, the museum announced this week.

The Guggenheim, located on Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, donated 1,500 art kits — made up of art supplies and an educational workbook — to city Department of Education “regional enrichment centers,” the museum announced. The city centers have been set up in all five boroughs to coordinate education efforts and meal programs as schools are closed due to the coronavirus.

Children whose parents are

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Exam cancellations will hit poor and BAME children hardest, experts warn MPs

Poor children, boys, summer born pupils and those from ethnic minority backgrounds could all be disadvantaged by exams being scrapped, education experts warned today.

Teenagers will be given GCSE and A-Level grades based on teacher assessment this year because exams have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers have also been asked to rank their students in each subject.

Speaking to the education committee of MPs today, Lee Elliot Major, professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter called for a review of how fair the results are to students.

Teachers will be asked to rank students by

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How to support children with special educational needs as they return to school

Children and parents have struggled to adjust to homeschooling. Now, some have to cope with returning to schools which will seem very different to those they left at the beginning of lockdown. One group of children, though, are facing challenges beyond those experienced by the majority.

Children with special educational needs (SEN) make up around 15% of all pupils in mainstream education. Developmental dyslexia is the most common condition in this group, estimated to affect between 10%-16% of the UK population. Autism is much rarer, affecting about 1.1%.

Our research suggests that children with these conditions might find it especially

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