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Annissa Essaibi George releases education and child care plan for Boston mayoral run

Mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi-George is rolling out a sprawling education and child care plan, as the former Boston Public Schools teacher says she’s the candidate with the “experience and knowledge and track record” to fix a wide range of issues.

The chair of the City Council’s Education Committee — who is also a BPS graduate and BPS parent — told the Herald Monday that closing the achievement gap is a top priority.

“We need a consistent set of curriculum standards across all schools,” Essaibi-George said, adding that approach would help “reduce disparities between schools and ensure every school is providing

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Free special education evaluations through Child Find

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Parents who suspect their children may have a disability can request a free special education evaluation called Child Find.

Alabama Department of Public Health defines Child Find as the process used in Alabama for identifying all children who may be eligible for services and referring them to Alabama’s Early Intervention System. It is an important step that provides families with the guidance and support they need to make on their own behalf.

You may not have heard of the Child Find mandate, but it is a legal requirement. Identifying kids who may need help is an important

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Donald Trump Says Racism Education Is ‘Child Abuse’ But It’s Actually Essential

We don’t think one should interpret the old, oft-paraphrased warning that those who don’t learn history are condemned to repeat it, literally. Instead, the real reason we need to learn the full history of the U.S. and the world is so that we have a more complete understanding of how we got here, both the good and the bad. This is something Donald Trump really doesn’t get as he makes the move to “restore patriotic education to our schools” and calls a curriculum that teaches about the dark past of racism, slavery and white supremacy “child abuse.”

In a speech

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Pandemic threatens child education, health gains: World Bank

The coronavirus pandemic threatens to erase progress made in the last decade in improving child education and health, particularly in the poorest countries, the World Bank said on Wednesday.

The conclusion comes in the Washington-based development lender’s Human Capital Index for 2020, which ranks countries on how well children are prepared for the future, with an emphasis on factors like schooling and healthcare.

This year’s report shows that most countries, particularly poorer ones, have made steady gains in improving health and education prior to the pandemic.

Despite that, the bank said in a statement a child in a low-income country

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Sweet child of mine: Tax credits for parents

Mother kissing her smiling young daughter during fall season.
Mother kissing her smiling young daughter during fall season.

The costs of raising a child, such as for child care, general costs of living and college tuition, can really add up and are often on the rise. But parents may find some relief at tax time with tax credits for education, child care and for simply having children.

Child tax credits

Many of the tax breaks for parents pertain to child care and education, but the easiest tax break of all is for simply having children. For tax years prior to 2018, the Child Tax Credit provides up to $1,000

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