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What Your Child is REALLY Supposed to Be Learning in Each Grade

Let me be upfront: I am not a teacher. I’m sure I’m not alone in assuming that I wouldn’t need a masters degree in education in order to raise a child. But here we are in 2020, wishing we had one (just as many teachers are wondering if they should have taken a less-hazardous career path). While surveys say most parents are nervous about sending our children back to school while the pandemic still rages, we’re also totally baffled about how our children are going to learn anything at all without doing so. And if they are or aren’t learning

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Funding fears for PE in primary schools after lockdown worsens child inactivity crisis

Baroness Nicky Morgan, the former education secretary, has sought urgent clarification from the Government over the ongoing status of an annual £320 million ‘premium’ to enhance physical education for primary school children.

With activity levels having dropped significantly while schools have been shut to most pupils during the coronavirus lockdown, concern is now mounting that children could be hit by the double whammy of a cut in the usual PE budget.

The PE and Sport Premium was introduced in 2013 and, at a total worth of £320 million during the most recent academic year, it annually ringfences £16,000 for individual

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Is it safe to send my child back to primary school, and when will secondary schools reopen?

Parents want to know when they can send children back to school. Continued school closures will have a detrimental impact on pupil progress, Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, acknowledged earlier in the lockdown. 

Boris Johnson delivered an announcement on Sunday May 10 about phase two of the shutdown, indicating that the return to school would be gradual, rather than a wholesale lifting of the lockdown.

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Do parents have a favorite child? Yes, but it’s not who you think

Most parents swear they don’t have a favorite kiddo. But children often beg to differ with their siblings, suspecting that the other is truly the most loved. It turns out that the kids are kind of right. Parents do have a preference, but it’s normally not who children think it is — and whoever their “favorite” is could have an impact on their health.

“The very large majority of both mothers and fathers — when asked directly — are willing to say that there is a child that they are … closer to, prefer to confide in, prefer as a

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