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Mass. advocates launch ambitious campaign for publicly funded early education

“Back in the 1800s, Massachusetts pioneered what was at the time a revolutionary idea— that K-12 education should be a public good, that education should be accessible to all children and families,” said state Senator Jason Lewis, a Winchester Democrat and lead sponsor of the bill. “It’s time now for Massachusetts to once again lead our nation by establishing that high-quality early education and child care should be viewed the same way — as a public good.”

The initiative may sound too good to be true to beleaguered parents, not to mention budget hawks. The sweeping reform could cost hundreds

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COVID Collaborative Launches Vaccine Education Campaign | News

The COVID Collaborative — a coalition of experts in health, education, and the economy — launched a $50 million vaccine education campaign with nonprofit advertising group the Ad Council on Nov. 23. The effort aims to inform Americans about COVID-19 vaccines and their benefits.

Harvard School of Public Health Dean Michelle A. Williams co-founded the Collaborative alongside former Domestic Policy Council and USA Freedom Corps director John M. Bridgeland ’82 and current World Health Organization Ambassador for Global Strategy Roy G. Chambers. Chambers is a member of the School of Public Health Communication Advisory Board.

Several other Harvard faculty members

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‘Moving Ahead With Adult Ed’ campaign promotes more education opportunities in Bloomington


Julie Williams teaches an English Language Learning class online. “Moving Ahead with Adult Ed” is a collaboration between the Coalition on Adult Basic Education and the National Association of State Directors for Adult Education that began in early October. Julie Williams enseña una clase de inglés en línea. “Moving Ahead with Adult Ed” es una colaboración entre la Coalición de Educación Básica de Adultos y la Asociación Nacional de Directores Estatales de Educación de Adultos que empezó a principios de octubre.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, Bloomington’s unemployment rate is around 6% after a steep increase

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