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New York bill would create ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ for kindergarten students

New York state Sen. Samra G. Brouk, a Democrat who represents western parts of the state, introduced a bill this year that would “ensure all pupils receive, as an integral part of education in grades kindergarten through twelve, comprehensive sexuality education.”

Public schools in New York can currently decide for themselves the level of sexual education they want to provide students beyond certain requirements around HIV/AIDS, but this bill would establish a universal curriculum for kids as young as five. 

Brouk said the new curriculum would cover issues “like healthy relationships, body image, and self-esteem.”


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Durham minister fights for Holocaust education bill to include Black history

N.C. legislators filed a bill on Feb. 10 to make Holocaust and genocide education mandatory for public schools. Durham minister and activist Paul Scott is demanding the bill also include Black history.

House Bill 69, or the Gizella Abramson Holocaust Education Act, was introduced as HB 437 in 2019 but was never made into law. N.C. Rep. Graig Meyer (D–Caswell, Orange) said the 2019 bill was included as a policy provision along with the budget bill, which Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed.

HB 437 was proposed a few months after the federal government introduced the Never Again Education Act, which aimed

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Proposed bill would require heat-related illness training for high school coaches

Sweltering practices under hot, hazy and humid conditions might be more than four months away, but they are very much on the minds of state legislators this session.

While athletic programs around the state have adapted to concussion protocols and coaches have gone through hours of training to better protect their athletes, another equally dangerous aspect of youth sports does not yet require the same training.

With that in mind, Connecticut lawmakers have proposed a bill requiring high school coaches go through heat-related illness training alongside their concussion education.

In fact, House Bill No. 5431, proposed by the Public Health

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Utah lawmakers reject a bill that would require teaching consent in sex education classes

HB177, introduced earlier this year, would have updated Utah’s health education curriculum by requiring schools to teach consent, sexual violence behavior prevention and sexual assault resource strategies.

The proposal was defeated in Utah’s House Education Committee by a vote of 7-4.

Currently, Utah’s sex-ed curriculum requires educators to “stress the importance of abstinence from all sexual activity before marriage and fidelity after marriage” and “stress personal skills that encourage individual choice of abstinence and fidelity.”

Instruction regarding the “intricacies of intercourse” or the “advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods” is prohibited.

Supporters of the bill argue that

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Utah rejects bill that aimed to teach consent in sex education classes

<span>Photograph: George Frey/AFP/Getty Images</span>

Photograph: George Frey/AFP/Getty Images

Despite chronic struggles with sexual violence in Utah, lawmakers in the state have rejected legislation that would have changed the state’s health education curriculum to teach consent and prevent unwanted sexual behavior.

The legislation, called HB177, was defeated by Utah’s house education committee by a vote of 7-4.

The bill’s defeat was part of a larger conservative pushback across America. Some politicians argue, wrongly, that consent instruction teaches students it is OK to have sex, said Jennifer Driver, senior director of reproductive rights at the State Innovation Exchange.

But “that is not what consent means,” Driver

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