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Education Department reviewing campus sex assault rules

The Education Department on Tuesday moved forward with plans to revise federal rules around campus sexual assault, paving the way for an overhaul of a polarizing Trump-era policy that President Joe Biden has vowed to reverse.

In a letter to the nation’s colleges and schools, the department said it will formally begin the process to amend federal rules around Title IX, the federal law that forbids sexual discrimination in education. The department is planning a public hearing on the issue and afterward will issue official notice that the rules are under review.

Biden called for a broad review of sexual

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Education Department survey shows sex assault reports at schools on rise

Reports of sexual assaults at primary and secondary public schools across the U.S. jumped by 55% in 2017-2018 from the previous two years, according to new Education Department data.

The increase in the department’s latest Civil Rights Data Collection survey “may reflect under-reporting in 2015-16, an increased sensitivity to this issue in 2017-2018, or an actual increase in incidents of sexual violence from 2015-16 to 2017-18,” the Office of Civil Rights said in a news release.

The biennial survey, which collects data from more than 17,000 public school districts comprising 50 million students, documented 14,152 reports of sexual assault during

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Google Joins Assault on Bloated Universities

We are all deeply mired in the semi-permanent changes to life, work, and schooling from the global pandemic.

While “remote economy” software stocks continue to zoom higher, I’ve also been interested in how overpriced higher education would get disrupted by alternative online models.

In April, I had the privilege of attending some exclusive webinars with John Sculley, former CEO of Apple in the 1980s.

I wrote about his ideas in a July post for my TAZR Trader members…

Disruption Coming to a U Near You

I think we should be looking in unexpected new areas like Education, which is

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Federal judge refuses to block campus sexual assault rules

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday allowed the Education Department to move forward with new rules governing how schools and universities respond to complaints of sexual assault.

The rules, which take effect Friday, expand the rights of the accused, narrow the definition of sexual harassment and reduce the scope of cases that schools are required to investigate, among other changes.

In a suit challenging the rules, attorneys general from 17 states and the District of Columbia argued that the policy would block schools from investigating certain sexual abuse complaints and would discourage students from reporting assaults.

“As a

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University of St Andrews to introduce compulsory sexual assault education class following Telegraph investigation

St Andrews students - St Andrews University / BenGoulter.com
St Andrews students – St Andrews University / BenGoulter.com

The University of St Andrews is introducing a compulsory module on consent and sexual assault for all of its students, following a Telegraph investigation into a series of alleged rapes on campus.

Every single one of the university’s 9,000 students will be required to participate in the online class before they are allowed to start the forthcoming academic year in a move that has been praised by female students.

The university also said that it was undertaking work to ensure that its staff were sufficiently trained up to support sexual assault

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