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Maszlee Malik moots education task force to ensure holistic approach amid pandemic

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Libyan minister escapes ‘assassination attempt’

A brazen gun attack in the Libyan capital Tripoli was well planned says the country’s Interior Minister.Fathi Bashagha told Reuters that the gunmen were trying to kill him.He escaped the alleged assassination attempt on his motorcade on Sunday (February 21) and explains what happened.”When we arrived in Janzour, a bullet-proof car approached us, a Toyota, known as a type 27 in Libya, it had an opening for gunfire. It started approaching the convoy, and it started shooting. My guard, who was very well trained, tried to push the car away and protect the

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‘It’s a very progressive approach to education’

Victoria Ransom and her husband homeschool their three young children, but started worrying about the lack of a robust program as they grew older. So they began to brainstorm what a creative but effective alternative to traditional school could look like.

After selling their social media marketing company Wildfire to Google for $450 million in 2012 — and staying with the tech giant for three years — Ransom and Alain Chuard started scratching their insatiable entrepreneurial itch once again.

Over the last two years, they self-funded and developed an edtech startup called Prisma, which goes live on September 8 for

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is the government taking the right approach?

English primary schools will follow revised guidance on education about relationships from September 2020. The guidance emphasises teaching about diverse families, and this approach includes recognition of LGBT+ people.

For many schools, this will not be the first time children have been taught about same-sex parents. Since 2011, the charity Stonewall has encouraged schools to include same-sex parents in their discussions of families. Stonewall has provided schools with the Different Families, Same Love teaching materials which recognise children’s diverse families.

But my research shows that this teaching approach, focusing on families, has limitations. It introduces diverse families through the lens

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