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Minnesota governor announces plan for schools

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a new education plan, dubbed “Due North,” on Monday for schools in the state, ahead of the release of his state budget proposal for the next fiscal year. While state officials did not give specifics on cost, the plan included a number of proposals that would expand services to children in the state’s public schools.

The plan’s priorities include efforts to grow and support the state’s corps of teachers, establish an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Center at the Minnesota Department of Education, expand the academic and educational offerings to students, increase funding for education, improve

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The Dallas Morning News announces staff for its Education Lab

The Dallas Morning News is adding four staffers to its new Education Lab, building a team of journalists to expand the newspaper’s in-depth education coverage.

The Education Lab is The News’ most ambitious move yet into community-funded journalism, where coverage is supported by philanthropic funding.

“The mission of the Education Lab is to report the stories that help kids,” said editor Eva-Marie Ayala. “The stakes are incredibly high because if we don’t get education right, it’s not just one student who is let down but a whole family — a whole city. And we will spend generations trying to overcome

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Gov. Walz Announces ‘Safe Learning Plan’ For Minnesota Schools

TWIN CITIES, MN — Gov. Tim Walz and other state officials Thursday announced Minnesota’s “Safe Learning Plan” for the 2020-21 school year. This fall, under Walz’s plan, Minnesota school districts and charter schools will have the option to begin in one of three models: in-person, distance learning, or a hybrid model.

With the guidance of state health officials, the learning model decision will be primarily left to each individual local school district in the state. Each district is expected to announce its decision to students, parents, and guardians.

However, there will be state-issued parameters for districts that indicate when

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VA Governor Announces Expectations For Reopening Higher Education

VIRGINIA — As Virginia institutions of higher education look to reopen for the new academic year, Gov. Ralph Northam says schools must prepare plans, similar to the guidance announced for PreK through 12 schools.

Higher education institutions turned to remote options after Northam’s March 30 executive order stopped in-person instruction amid the coronavirus pandemic. But as health restrictions are eased in Virginia phase two of reopening and beyond, higher education institutions can prepare to reopen campuses and offer in-person instruction, Northam said.

Before that can happen, schools must submit a comprehensive reopening plan to the State Council of Higher Education

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