Head of London’s outdoor education chain says open air learning should be used to fully reopen schools safely

A London outdoor teaching expert believes “forest schools” can be a model for fully re-opening English schools safely.

Leanna Barrett opened the capital’s first outdoor primary school, Liberty Woodland School in Worcester Park, last year.

Pupils aged four to 11 spend 95 per cent of the day outside, studying maths and English in the fresh air, even in winter.

Scottish local authorities revealed earlier this month that they are actively looking into outdoor learning as a model for reopening the country’s schools from August.

Students study academic subjects outdoors at the school – picture taken before the Covid-19 lockdown (Liberty

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Is New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (EDU) A Good Stock To Buy?

In this article we will take a look at whether hedge funds think New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (NYSE:EDU) is a good investment right now. We check hedge fund and billionaire investor sentiment before delving into hours of research. Hedge funds spend millions of dollars on Ivy League graduates, unconventional data sources, expert networks, and get tips from investment bankers and industry insiders. Sure they sometimes fail miserably, but their consensus stock picks historically outperformed the market after adjusting for known risk factors.

Is New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (NYSE:EDU) going to take off soon? Investors

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is the government taking the right approach?

English primary schools will follow revised guidance on education about relationships from September 2020. The guidance emphasises teaching about diverse families, and this approach includes recognition of LGBT+ people.

For many schools, this will not be the first time children have been taught about same-sex parents. Since 2011, the charity Stonewall has encouraged schools to include same-sex parents in their discussions of families. Stonewall has provided schools with the Different Families, Same Love teaching materials which recognise children’s diverse families.

But my research shows that this teaching approach, focusing on families, has limitations. It introduces diverse families through the lens

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President Trump overturns an Obama-era student loan rule

Both chambers of Congress had passed a resolution to reverse a proposed policy by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that would have changed how defrauded victims of for-profit colleges could seek debt relief.

But on Friday night, two months after the GOP-controlled Senate rejected the proposed policy, Trump vetoed it.

The president had two choices: Either sign the new resolution and affirm that his education secretary made a mistake by attempting to overturn the Obama-era rule or veto the bill and risk a political fight over debt relief in the middle of a pandemic.

The president chose the latter option.

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Drive-In Movies Return To Ridgefield

RIDGEFIELD, CT — While the crippling effect the coronavirus will have on the economy has yet to be fully measured, the glass-half-full crowd has already begun to tally the business sectors which stand to benefit from the pandemic. Videoconferencing, remote education, virtual reality, telemedicine (or tele-anything, really) are all among the cutting-edge businesses having cash hurled at them by investors who couldn’t even spell “Zoom” three months ago.

Basking in a retro-neon glow amidst all the new shiny movers taking our money to keep us apart, and enjoying renewed popularity across the country, are drive-in movie theaters. And Billy

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