Letters to the Editor – Three cheers for Education Lab stories, the vaccine rollout, Denton County vaccine staff

1 Education Lab stories — I should have written this sooner. Thank you for your Education Lab stories. As a grandmother of 6-, 9- and 14-year-old children, I am learning much about school policies, education, structure and the input of the Legislature and governor’s office. The story on school funding really caught my attention. Keep up the good work. Even grandmas need schooling.

Nancy C. Mack, Carrollton

2 The vaccine rollout — I keep reading comments about how poorly run the vaccine rollout is. In one year, we went from a never-before-seen pandemic to a vaccine. There are millions upon millions of people wanting to be vaccinated. How many people would be able to run an endeavor of this size smoothly?

I had a tough time getting my husband signed up. He does not use a computer. I got frustrated. I wasn’t even trying to get mine yet and an appointment just came my way. We both had to drive 22 miles each way on four separate occasions. A pain for sure. But worth it, for sure.

We will all get it. I think instead of complaining we should all be thanking our lucky stars that the vaccine rollout was as fast as it was. So much has gone into all of this at warp speed. And this is all with a very rough political start.

Let’s be calm and thankful. Optimism is so much healthier. No masking up someday is worth its weight in gold.

Amanda Holt, Wylie

3 Denton County ― Many thanks to Denton County for the magnificent and efficient job they are doing with the COVID vaccines. I received my first shot in early February and the worst part about it was the drive from Plano over to the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. There was no real line as everything just kept moving along. I was expecting heavy traffic and long lines so I left home about 40 minutes early. As it turned out, I showed up 40 minutes before my appointment time but they still took me in (please don’t go there until your appointment time).

The whole process took about 13 minutes plus another 30 minutes wait after the shot to check for allergic reactions. As I praised the men and women who were administering the process, I struck up a conversation with one who told me they basically dusted off the H1N1 pandemic-preparedness plan and put it in motion. It’s amazing what a well-thought-out plan can do. These men and women are doing a fantastic job. If you go there, make sure to tell them so.

Bill Hudman, Plano

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