Letter To The Editor: Volpe Provides Education Expertise

To the editor,

Education is always an important issue in our communities, but the coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp detail how vital it is to have a robust public school system that can service all children equitably. Even in wealthy communities throughout the state, school districts are struggling to safely provide adequate technology, special education services, and meaningful instruction to their students.

Currently, only seven of our 151 members of the state House are teachers. Education is the No. 1 statewide expenditure in Connecticut, and not surprisingly, it’s also the largest percentage of Fairfield’s budget. With the start of the new school year, our local and state elected officials are making crucial decisions about our children’s education.

Carla Volpe is running for state representative in the 134th district, which covers part of Fairfield and Trumbull. She grew up in Fairfield and now lives in Trumbull with her family. Carla has been a public school teacher for 15 years in Bridgeport, Trumbull, and now Derby. She is also part of the Trumbull Arts Commission and has deep roots in both towns in the 134th.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to have someone with an education background and real classroom experience represent us in Hartford. Carla cares about strong public schools that serve all children in the community. Please join me in voting for Carla Volpe for state representative on Nov. 3.

Erin Lopez


This article originally appeared on the Fairfield Patch

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