How Reviews Affect the Buying Pattern of Consumers

How Reviews Affect the Buying Pattern of Consumers

Will customers get affected by the feedback of online products? Do reviews have the ability to make or break sales of products? Some of us may relate to that. Without first reading people’s feedback on Norwegian national review website like Norskeanmeldelser, not many people can book a hotel, for instance, these days or make a reservation at a restaurant they have never been to before. Reviews appear to play an ever more vital role in the buying pattern of consumers.

Why Are Reviews Important?

·        Consumers Believe Other Consumers

External effects on consumer buying patterns would most likely improve your business growth. We all belong to a specific culture. We’ve equally understood quite a deal about the comparison groups: principal, secondary, expected, formal and similar. Users tend to read peer reviews, others with shared thoughts and needs. For starters, if you sell cars, your potential buyers will be very interested in the opinion of other drivers.

New research by Symbiosis International University on Social Reference Group Impact on Women Purchasing Behavior showed that women purchasing luxury goods are more frequently influenced by positive feedback. They studied housewives and working women buying behaviours. Housewives depend on both the opinion of the husband and the influence of information, whereas, the power of information primarily influences the working woman. As you can see, reviews play a significant role in the paradigm of a consumer buying pattern.

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·        Customers Evaluate Their Alternatives

How does all of this raise the value of online reviews? The response to that is clear. Customers love to read the opinion of someone else and make an estimation of whether or not the purchase has been good for these buyers. Customers believe in feedback as much as personal advice. The online analysis announced that 94% had convinced them to stop buying. Very often, people in their reviews equate two products, which is either helpful or detrimental to a business as well.

Every customer measured three things: how the product is fair, reasonable and planned. It means they want to see how the products look and work. Ironically people generally share this in their comments. They comment on what their needs are and how a company is meeting them. Hence the post-buying behaviour effects influence those who are only at the first stage of the buying pattern cycle.


Many consumers develop an emotional attitude towards the product and express it in the reviews. However, if the product is not practical, the feeling of “fallen in love” with those products is not an exception. A scarcity of online user reviews tells you two things about your Company – either you’re not selling enough to get the survey, or you’re not comfortable enough to let your customers leave feedback. When the customer’s investment is significant, more weight is placed on the online feedback.