Gov. Abbott addresses education funding during visit at Windsor Park Elementary

During his visit, the governor pledged to continue to fund the state’s education system despite a huge state deficit.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Texas Governor Greg Abbott paid a visit to Windsor Park Elementary this morning. It’s there that he pledged to continue to fully fund our education system despite a huge state deficit.

The governor was spotlighting the fact that this school, along with the Early Childhood Development Center, were named to the list of National Blue Ribbon Awards winners. Abbott also let everyone know about another fact concerning Windsor Park.

“I would like to go ahead and add another recognition for the Windsor Park Elementary School and that is of all the elementary schools in the state of Texas, they are ranked number one in the entire state,” said Abbott.

The governor was joined on stage by the principals of both schools along with state and school officials. Even past and current students were there for this special event.

Once the governor opened the floor for questions, 3News began trying to get some answers to some important issues. One was whether bars and clubs are going to be allowed to open anytime soon.

“Let me just answer your question directly. Yes, there is hope for bar owners sooner than later. We want to continue monitoring for the rest of this week,” said Abbott.

Governor Abbott also told 3News that if the state-wide COVID numbers still looked good then he would be making an announcement soon about re-opening those businesses. 

3News also asked the governor about whether he and other lawmakers would cut the education budget. The State faces a $5B deficit because of the pandemic.

“I am fully committed, and I know other legislators in the capital are fully committed to ensuring that that funding remains in place that we will fully fund education in the state of Texas,” said Governor Abbott.

The governor also told everyone that perhaps as early as this month, additional therapeutic drugs to treat the coronavirus will be available. 

Abbott added that by next month, we could see COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out.

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